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    Which tyres best??


    My tyres are about to wear out after 15k km. They are shot with michelin ps2 and are great in my opinion. Just wondering if you guys have try any other makes and if they are any better than michelin ps2?

    Understand that Pzero rosso is the worst in treadwear and not sure if continental or bridgestone are any better. Bearing in mind that it is summer throughout the 12 mths here in M'sia. Anyone pls??


    Re: Which tyres best??

    Noo not the tire war again. I'm still on my first set of Pzero but my next set will be Continental. From everything I have read they give the best tread wear. Of course I will not know until I try them. You can search on "tire" and you will get too much information.

    Re: Which tyres best??

    Malaysia - agreed with Bstew; search on "tire" to become totally confused... <g>

    Personally, I don't think that you can expect much more than 15 000km on any "N" rated tire; especially if you drive with vigor...

    Good luck, let us know what you decide to do.


    Re: Which tyres best??

    if you got 15000km you should be really happy. i got 6700km on my first set of ps2. switched to contis and with 3000km they reached the wear indicator in rear ones. they are much worst than ps2 in grip, but they are cheaper. thats my expirience till now.

    Re: Which tyres best??

    I would also suggest that a four wheel alignment check is performed before getting new tires just to make sure everything is within spec. Mine was not, and it contributed to premature tire wear.

    Re: Which tyres best??

    911Fanatic said:
    I would also suggest that a four wheel alignment check is performed before getting new tires just to make sure everything is within spec. Mine was not, and it contributed to premature tire wear.

    yes! $180.00 is not bad to potentially double the life.

    Re: Which tyres best??

    Most say the michelin ps2, when your driving such a powerful car you need tyres which will provide you with the best grip, but grip sometimes comes at the price of decreased tyre wear.

    Obviously its a small price to pay in the terms of increased grip and safety in the wet.

    and as we all know the best tyres dont come cheap..

    Re: Which tyres best??

    Well... It's not the power...It's the handling but what percent of 997 owners drive their cars in corners fast enough to warrant N rated tires? Of course I'm not talking about track day but regular driving on public roads. Acceleration isn't strong enough to spin those fat tires with the engine sitting on top of the rear axle even if they were bias-ply tires.

    So what percent need N's? I'll bet it's only about 90%.

    Re: Which tyres best??

    Seems like there's no clear winner or loser which means I've not got an answer. Well I like dstrimbu quote "search for tire and get totally confused"..

    Thanks a great deal guys but I guess I'll be counting on the tyre shop experts and abit of luck.. Cheers and gd luck..



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