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    Norbert Singer retires from his career at Porsche.


    "Norbert Singer retires from his career at Porsche.

    When Norbert Singer finishes his active career at the end of this year, it will be the end of an era in Porsche motorsport. As engineer, project leader and senior race engineer, Singer is the father of innumerable successes of the sportscar manufacturer. During his 35 years in the company's motorsport department he greatly contributed to the way Porsche views itself as well as to the public image of the manufacturer. He worked on all 16 winning Porsche vehicles at Le Mans. This is a unique achievement.

    On March 2nd, 1970 the newly-graduated mechanical engineer, who specialized in aeronautical engineering, experienced his first day of work in the motorsport department. The 917 needed an aerodynamic touch-up, the 30-year-old obliged - and thus contributed to Porsche's first win in Le Mans that same year. Aerodynamic and suspension set-ups were to remain Singer's domains. This was not surprising - during his studies his second greatest passion after vehicle technology was aeronautical engineering.

    As early as 1972, Singer was handed the complete responsibility for the development of the 911 Carrera RSR Turbo 2.1. This was a piece of pioneering work which was rewarded with second overall at the 1974 Le Mans 24 hour race and gave a clear indication of Singer's work philosophy at a very early stage: innovation is realized in a focused and straight-forward manner, but never for its own sake. Singer interprets existing vehicle concepts and regulations in an ingenious and unconventional way and always oriented to success. And as a racing strategist and tactician, Norbert Singer provided his rivals with challenges from the pitwall that often turned out to be too much for them.

    Norbert SingerFollowing the Carrera RSR and later to be called the "Golden 70s of GT Sport" in the history of the company, was a success streak with Norbert Singer's interpretations of the 911 theme, dubbed 935 (Group 5), which won the Production Car World Championship as well as Le Mans. The open-top 936 (Group 6) continued this success story with three Le Mans victories and two world championships.

    At the beginning of the eighties, Norbert Singer ignited the next stages of success when he designed the 956 and 962 C. The engineer had designed the 956 from scratch and dared to break new ground in sportscar racing. For the first time a Porsche racing sportscar featured an aluminum monocoque; also completely new was the aerodynamic which redefined the ground effect for sportscars. This one revolutionary Porsche won the Le Mans 24 hour race seven times between 1982 and 1994. Five overall wins in Daytona, six world championship driver titles, five manufacturer and team world championships as well as 54 wins and four championships in the American IMSA Series are the most impressive successes of Singer's creation, which with over 100 vehicles sold also became a best-seller in customer sport.

    Another surprise coup came in 1996 with the 911 GT1. In 1998 the 911 GT1 98 secured a double victory at Le Mans, a win that went down as one of the most fiercely contested successes in the history of the long-distance classic. Since the withdrawal of the Porsche works team from motorsport, Norbert Singer contributes to the many successes of racing customers around the world - at his design desk, in the windtunnel and at the pitwall."

    Everything that has a begining, has an end.
    This is the end of an era. It is with great sadness that i see as an enthusiast the retirement of the legendary Norbert Singer. He is probably the main responsible of Porsche being a legend, by creating the monstruous and successful Porsche racing cars that we all love.

    I pay my hommage to this great engineer. I think it can be said: "Singer, there is no substitute."

    However, i hope that the next "Norbert Singer" keeps the Porsche spirit alive for the next couple of decades.


    Re: Norbert Singer retires from his career at Porsche.

    Interesting to note that Mr Singer and Porsche are assisting with the development of the 58 & 59 Brumos DP cars. Not to mention the 3.99l. flat 6

    They just had an interview with Singer and Haywood in Dayona at the Rolex 24 hr.

    Re: Norbert Singer retires from his career at Porsche.

    Norbert Singer Fan Club web site (click here)



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