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    VTS Test

    Panic struck this morning....

    07:16 (20 seconds) Text message from Tracker control with a theft alert from my car.
    07:17 Phone call from Tracker control operator re a theft alert from my car.

    07:18 Get through to my wife who says (in a distorted/ crackled voice - good old PCM telephone module) 'Hi! I've just left for the office.'
    I point out it might be best to return home and pick up a tracker token.

    I've often wondered whether I should test the tracker to make sure it working, you never know it could be faulty. Now I know it works.

    What is impressive is the speed of the alert. I reckon 2~3 minutes from car starting to me talking to the operator.

    I suppose the full test would be for the police to have to find it and see how long it takes, I'll leave that to somebody else to test!

    Great bit of kit!

    Re: VTS Test

    Trackers? That must be a european thing. Can you explain (or give a URL) of what it is, how it works?


    Re: VTS Test

    Wow that is impressive,thanks MBW for the test on the VTS
    Must admit i reckon a lot of people will have false alarms for the same reason as you did (ie forgetting to put the plastic card on themselves or in car)My 997s had some warranty work carried out today on front suspension squeaks and the loaned me a BoxsterS and that had VTS.The service guy said when he handed the car over please make sure you have the VTS card on you as it costs us Pounds15 everytime its a false alarm from the Police

    Re: VTS Test

    Puffy911 said:
    Trackers? That must be a european thing. Can you explain (or give a URL) of what it is, how it works?

    Thanks. : France : worlwide

    Re: VTS Test

    Lojack! *doh* I've heard of that. :-) I didn't know about their "early warning" system which involves the integration of a passive transponder (key card) into the system though. Thanks for the links.

    Re: VTS Test

    tracker !! cool.. no thanks where I live most of the nights I forget to lock the car and the house and once went on vacation with my house keys dangeling outside the ulocked door with nothing to happen !! very safe ...
    Love dubai..

    Re: VTS Test

    VTS looks like LoJack on steroids and is a factory installed option offered on European cars. I've seen Porsche advertise it insome of the UK magazines.

    Re: VTS Test

    I posted a short "review" of the VTS here:



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