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    THanks Tim - fortunately most of out route is 'round the back', but of course we'll be well within the limit as we're responsible Rennteamers and anyway these are fun twisties, not straight line blasts (will that spoil it for anyone?) - and we've got to go slow anyway as CharlesL only got his car yesterday, 1800miles to go Charles! I hit it on my way to the Malthouse - yippee!!!!)

    May be some checks on the A303/M3 too given that it's Touring cars at Thruxton today..... be careful folks!!!


    Well, back home now, Sunday dinner tucked away so I'd thought I'd be first to get a couple of piccies up.

    Eight of us met, myself, CharlesL, Ente, Dreamcar and our significant others at a services just off the A303/M3. The cars looked great and got a lot of admiring glances from the hungary soles at the Little Chef. And the correct weather had been booked - roof down for everyone.

    We took a 25 mile blat, through the villages across some great countryside to the Malthouse just outside Romsey (a pub that's been recomended a number of times on the board). Good job we booked as the place was packed - we had to park in a field...

    wtsnet then joined us, poor brave sole meeting all us new(ish) owners whilst still awawiting his car and a great lunch was enjoyed by all. Then the obligatory photo session...

    Family commitments meant that CharlesL had to leave us, and wtsnet wasn't sure that he'd be able to keep up so the three remaining cars set off for a blat - across the edge of the New Forest through Fordingbridge, Cranbourne and across the Cranbourne Downs back through Salisbury and on to a local hostelry - 80 miles or so - the views and the roads were spectacular..

    OK, most of the time.. the odd errant Mondeo, aggressive Ferrari (what THREE boxsters in my way!!) cooled our fires on occaision. Jules & I enjoyed it - I hope you guys did too. It was great to put some faces to the names and I for one hope we can get together again soon, and help wtsnet with his break in period!!

    OH, and for those who were asking...the real brains behind the day.... presenting Ms Daisy Dollop

    Re: Survived!

    Great pictures Rich C. You have any more would like to see em if you do.

    Glad you guys had a good time, and you got the weather as well!!! Wish I could have joined you, maybe next time!

    Re: Survived!

    A couple of more pics of todays run - a great day out, brilliant drive, weather perfect and a pleasure to be with fellow enthusiasts

    Re: Survived!

    What more could you ask for? Once again, thanks Rich for your time researching the route for us. Even though busy, the Malthouse excelled. Even if I couldn't drink the Ringwood.

    Re: Survived!

    Woot pictures! Thanks again. It was the pure definition of a fun day indeed, joining up with you guys and claiming ownership of Salisbury Plains (except for the piece of road which was the Ferrari's)

    Quote: "What's that red car behind us?" Uh oh.

    The rabbit wins the show though, no question.



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