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    Ferrari California now available in Gran Turismo 5

    The Gran Turismo 5 Prologue that is:

    I know this is probably not of any interest to those of you who are contemplating buying a real one, but at least I'll get to drive it before you do

    I'll download tonight and post my impressions on the virtual test drive

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turismo 5

    nice to know temm!!!

    Dont forget to leave your opinions in the sound department....

    Also do you use a G25?????

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turismo 5

    I have posted my impressions in the Off-Topic board for anyone interested. But the California has impressed enough to become my new favourite vehicle in GT5P (previous was F430)
    It is also faster than the F430 around Suzuka in my hands

    They are about equally fast in a straight line, but the California has better turn-in and less understeer. And the 7-speed double-clutch gearbox gives it better acceleration out of corners (no delay in power delivery)

    The sound is similar to the F430, but it lacks the last bit of superbike scream that the F430 has (as it should reving 1k higher)

    I use the Driving Force Pro wheel.

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turismo 5

    This picture makes California look like a cartoon car from the animation movie Cars...

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turismo 5

    ^You mean they actually captured the essence of the car correctly?

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turismo 5

    How on earth am I going to pass all 15 cars with the F40 in the S-Class ?!?

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turismo 5

    ^Make sure you take TC off! You need the extra wheel spin in some corners to keep the turbos spooled up!!!! And also play around with the suspension settings (make the stiffer) and maybe also the gearing according to your preference! This helped me a lot!

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turis

    You need to fully tune the car to clear S6. I have done it and gotten silver will try for gold tonight. Turn off all aids, leave TC at like 2. Def need to change the gear rations. Go to and do a search for S6 settings, you find many that work great. The F2007 car is great, I haven't purchased the California yet.

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turis

    From VentureDenny over at

    Power: -2
    Weight: 97%

    Height: -12/-12
    Springs: 8/8
    Damper: 7/7
    Toe: -0.18/+0.18
    Camber: 1.2/1.2
    Brakes: 8/6
    Turn: 50 (if you have a wheel)
    TC: 1
    ABS: 2

    1st: 2.345 (60 mph)
    2nd: 1.518 (92 mph)
    3rd: 1.206 (116 mph)
    4th: 1.034 ( 135 mph)
    5th: 0.846 ( 170 mph)

    Final: 4.341

    Active steering: off
    Physics: Standard
    ASM: off
    TC: 1
    Stategy, timing and practice. One collision penalty, keep going. Off the road, start over.
    You can (just barely) get past 3 cars before the first turn. Go for the inside of the turn, cutting off the 13th place car and braking hard on the inside. It's close, but you can get your the front of your car about halfway past the 3rd car as you brake to the inside. Then coast (part throttle, 4th gear)) to the outside for the sharper turn 2. Brake and get down to 2nd gear. Get to the left exitting the turn, outside the Ford GT, and floor it. 3rd gear thru the esses. Extreme left side of track, there is room to pass 2 or 3 more cars on the short straight. Go for the inside of turn 3, left tires on the rumble strip, brake hard. As you exit turn 3, let the cars in front of you swing to your left and go for the inside of turn 4. If your timing is right, you can get inside the Corvette before turn 4. Not much room there, again use the rumble strip for more room so you don't contact the vette. Brake gently, swing to the left, passing another car, clip the rumble strips. almost off the road, there is room to pass another car on the inside. If you continue clipping the rumble strips and just barely avoid hitting anyone, you can be in 8th or maybe 7th by the time you leave the esses, accelerating in 3rd gear into the Dunlop curve (the long fast left hander after the esses). There will be a car right in front of you, he will swing out a little. You can pass him on the inside, with your left wheels just barely on the pavement. Use a little patience here, until he swings out, then dart for the inside for a clean pass. This should put you in 6th, going into the next right curve (Denger), actually two curves, one gentle in 4th and one tighter, down to 2nd gear, hard on the throttle and shift up to 3rd pretty quick. It's hard to get a clean pass in these 2 turns. Try for a fast exit from the 90* right hander, slightly going to the right side of the track. If done right, you can pass another car on the inside, just before the hairpin, but don't try it if you're not sure. Brake hard on the right side of the track before the hairpin, and go around the outside of the clump of cars there (1st gear). As you exit the hairpin, swing to the left as you shift to second gear. you should be right behind a viper. You can get to the outside of the long right hand sweeper and pass the Viper, and maybe another car if you carry enough speed. Ease off just a little at the middle of the long righthander, it's cresting a hill. Aim for the inside of the next sharp left, brake hard, 3rd gear, then gentle on the throttle, brake a little, 2nd gear for the next sharper left (Spoon curve). A short burst of 2nd gear, then a quick shift to 3rd will get you accelerating up the long uphill straight, just clipping the rumble strips on the right side of the track. You should be in 6th or 5th position by now. Thru the gears to 5th, draft when you get a chance, you should have enough speed to pass a couple more cars on the left. At the end of the staight, brake a little and down to 4th gear, coast around the fast left, as soon as you hit the apex, let the car settle for a split second, then floor it. You should be in 3rd by now. Catching the R8 in front of you (second place car) and passing him in the chicane ( Casio Triangle)...(brake hard just before the bridge) and the long right hand curve after that...well, I haven't been able to catch the R8 before the finish. But I'm getting closer. Last try I was .5 seconds behind him.
    I hope this helps someone. I wish someone had written this for me when I was beating my head against a wall.

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turis

    Thanks guys! I just passed the course S6 What a difference it made with this config!

    btw what happens when you have completed all classes?

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turis

    Gauss said:
    btw what happens when you have completed all classes?

    You'll have to buy a California.

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turis

    You get a car as a gift and then you will be able to buy the F2007 with 2 million credits of course.

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turis

    I think I can already buy the F1 Ferrari, and I haven't completed class S yet.

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turis

    Once you complete class S, the game will say you have obtained your "racing licence" or whatever and it will be available for purchase. Even if you have 2 million credits, you can't buy it, you need to beat the class S first.

    BTW do you play the drift mode at all? You don't win credits but its pretty fun especially after you set online records.

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turis

    Thanks for clarifying. I need to try the drift challenge

    Re: Ferrari California now available in Gran Turis

    temm said:
    From VentureDenny over at

    I also used this tune. Makes the car lots of fun and very competitive in most events and the online races. While this tune is specifically for Suzuka it works well on Fuji as well. Just tweak the final drive ratio.




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