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    Just ordered a new Boxster!!

    I've just ordered my first Porsche!

    I'd been looking for a while after having a few probs with my Mini Cooper S and took a 987 Boxster for a test drive a couple of days ago. It was very cool and a lovely drive with so much feedback and when I dropped down a gear and heard the howl of the engine behind me I was hooked!! I deliberately avoided test-driving the S as it's beyond my budget and I knew I'd want the extra power once I'd tasted it! Same thing made me buy a Cooper S over a Cooper.

    The dealer said the waiting lists had started to get silly with September slots now only available but luckily a customer had just backed out of a deal and there was a Seal Grey Boxster with a black roof, Stone Grey interior and 18" S alloys as well as a couple of other bits and pieces! So although I would have preferred maybe a darker interior I managed to get a bit of a discount (free tracker device) and a car in 5 weeks! Only thing is I would have liked a Bose system but I may have to upgrade the standard kit later on but hey, the engine does sound so good anyway and I get a lovely car in time for summer!

    I have to say I've test driven everything from a VX220, Lotus Elise 111S to a Z4 and although the standard boxster isnt mega-fast it seems to have that x-factor which made me go for it!

    So, I'm very excited and cant wait until April 7th!!!

    Re: Just ordered a new Boxster!!

    Good choice!!!

    Expect the next 5 weeks to go very, very slowly. I have been waiting for 6 months and still have over a week to wait!!!!

    Re: Just ordered a new Boxster!!

    6 months would be a very long time! I could have picked up the car on March 1st but I can only buy it after the UK tax year! Cant wait though!

    Re: Just ordered a new Boxster!!

    I'm waiting an April build (the week is still not set) so I'll only have my new baby on May.

    I choose basalt black with stone grey full leather interior but I'm still thinking on changing to Seal Grey. I saw one seal and like on my previous 2003 2.7 it's looks very good. I'm yet to see a basalt black live and color to compare both and finally make up my mind.



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