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    PCCB 996 Test Mule

    I bet you didn't see many 996 with PCCB (Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake).

    This is the official test mule from SGL Carbon, the manufacturer of the PCCB brake discs.
    I had an interesting discussion about the PCCB and it seems that it has great potential for the future. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be the perfect track brake...yet.

    Re: PCCB 996 Test Mule

    I'd really like to get PCCB brakes for my 2000 Carrera. Can you mention this to someone influential?


    Re: PCCB 996 Test Mule

    Joel, unfortunately I might have bad news for you. As far as I heard (rumor!), there is only a certain chance that there will be a PCCB kit for the 996 Facelift. And even this isn't sure yet because the new 996 generation (997?) is rumored to be due around 2004.

    But I'd like to ask you a simple question: why do you want the PCCB on your car? Read the reports about PCCB on this forum and you might change your mind.

    Re: PCCB 996 Test Mule


    I have heard of some problems with PCCB brakes.

    The weight savings is very attractive though.
    As the owner of a 3.4L 996, I have been considering some weight savings as future improvements, since I have heard that the engine cannot accept significant power increases.

    Thanks for the quick response.


    Re: PCCB 996 Test Mule

    Just excuses Joel. You really want them because ... well, because you want them, that's all.

    From what I can see, the weight savings isn't as great as it should be. The hats that the PCCB's are mounted to are hardly as light as they should be. The front callipers are very heavy.

    My bet is that you could do almost as well by switching from Pirelli Asymetrico tyres to Pirelli Rosso tyres which are considerably lighter. That unsprung weight savings will come at a much lesser price than does the PCCB's.

    Actually, I do believe in the future of the PCCB's. One day they will be very good. I love the way they never fade no matter what (no matter if they are destroying themselves). One day.


    Guess that makes me the unofficial test mule... :( [NM]

    Re: PCCB 996 Test Mule


    Your statements are pretty accurate.
    Although I am considering switching from my Pilot Sports to Assimetricos (which come standard on the new Sport Designs I am considering).

    I think that I am better served by visiting Nurburgring a couple of times a year, than flashy new brakes. The visit was a very memorable experience for me. Being there the same time as Porsche Club Sweden was very memorable, for a new and completely brainwashed Porsche owner such as myself.

    all the best,

    Re: PCCB 996 Test Mule

    Good logic. Wish I were that smart.

    So if you were there when the Swedes were there then have we met? I was there on a couple of those days. September I think it was.


    September 13 through 15


    I don't recall meeting, but I think that I did see a Turbo in the parking lot. I was driving a rental Mercedes SLK from Sixt. It was a 2 litre and automatic, which was weak on the autobahn but probably a good, safe choice for a newbie on that complicated circuit.

    I did meet Anders and JW, who both offered passenger laps (which I instantly accepted). I also attended the Saturday evening ringers dinner.

    Anyway, I was the redhaired American who spent most of his time staring in amazement at Porsches that are never sold in the US and taking easy laps on the circuit. I plan to be back on May 2.


    Re: PCCB 996 Test Mule

    In reply to:
    The weight savings is very attractive though.

    Are you serious about that?

    If you want to save weight, there are so many things to do on the 996 and you don't have to spend the money of the PCCB. I suppose you know what the PCCB's price tag is.

    Regarding power: why don't you go for the Porsche Powerkit. It provides only 20 HP on the paper, more like around 30 HP in reality. This doesn't sound much but for track racing, 30 HP can make a difference. Not cheap though.

    Welcome to

    Re: PCCB 996 Test Mule


    Thanks for the welcome.

    I have been considering reducing the weight of my 2000 996. Actually, one of my first ideas is to eliminate the sunroof. I have heard that it adds weight. I have observed that it seems to rattle. I suspect that this change would be easier in Germany, where the best tuners seem to reside. I do not know if it would be possible here in the USA.

    Have you heard of this being done?

    best regards,

    Re: PCCB 996 Test Mule

    If you already have a sunroof, it is almost impossible to eliminate it. At least not with cheap money.

    If you want to lower weight on the 996, you have a lot of possibilites:

    • lighter wheels
    • lighter (aftermarket) exhaust system
    • rip off all leather and plastic out of the interior
    • remove A/C and HiFi system
    • remove rear seats
    • exchange the front seats with low weight racing shells (if you drive on the track only, remove the co-driver seat)
    • remove airbags (not recommended due to safety!)
    • exchange front hood, doors, rear deck lid and side/rear windows with lightweight versions

    But first of all: improve your driving skills, this might save you a lot of money.



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