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    Re: I am pretentious! I am French!

    Oh man , looks like I missed the whole discussion here I'm late again, damn kids .

    Re: I am pretentious! I am French!

    It's ok, I told custom I was a friend of Ron Houston from Rennteam and they let me pass straight away without checking my passport.
    Seriously, I had a good time there, I had the occasionnal couple of morons who grumbled when I told them I was french but most people were really cool about it and said they either loved the place or would like to visit. They probably weren't texans
    Honestly, Texas was cool, thanks again to Ron and GM for their hospitality, it was really nice.

    Re: I am pretentious! I am French!

    You are welcome I enjoyed your company as well. Make sure you put Texas in your next U.S. vacation list

    Re: 997 convertible crash pictures

    Well you do find this forum peaceful because you run it. No problem with that, just a fact. You are a very knowlegable, well appreciated individual, just sometimes you come across as being unecessarily abrasive in your comments. Thats ok, but it's a little excessive. Im not asking you to change, just making you aware. I enjoy this board a lot, Im sorry you feel that I don't like it here (I can read in between the lines RC).


    Re: 997 convertible crash pictures

    I don't know if CF posts his CGT pics on other forums too, and if he does, great, but the idea that he keeps them for Rennteam makes me happy.

    My pictures are only posted on Rennteam.

    Re: Why I prefer Rennteam

    Years ago, when I lived in London, I did a lot of driving up in Scotland and loved it. Enjoy!

    As far as Frenchman in Texas, we have thousands of them. One opened a chain of coffee houses/bistros at which, one Sunday morning, I agreed to meet some friends for coffee. I arrived first with my wife to find the front parking spaces lined with choppers and the place filled with very rough looking bikers. So we got our coffee and decided to wait for our friends outside. A few minutes later, an enormous powder blue 1959 Cadillac convertible pulled up and two cowboys -- James Dean lookalikes -- climbed out and sauntered in to sit with the bikers. I thought this was a little odd so I went back in for coffee refill and found them all at the back of the restaurant... and all French.

    It proves my theory that some Americans secretly wish they were French, while wilder Frenchmen wish they were Texans.

    You are always welcome here, but bringing wine is always helpful.


    Re: I am pretentious! I am French!


    That was a smart move to tell them you knew Ron. I can now see how you managed to slip by. It's a good thing you didn't say you knew me. I was born in Oklahoma you know.

    As Dain said, your always welcome here. We enjoyed your last visit immensely.

    Re: I am pretentious! I am French!


    Is there any possibility to see those pictures somewhere on the web. If yes please post the link.
    I just returned to Vienna yesterday, and I'm really curios about those 997 pictures after what I read here.

    Thanks in advance

    Re: 997 convertible crash pictures

    hi rc.

    being mildly pretentious has nothing to do with the value of information here on this bbs..thats why i continue to return...

    you may find that there are 'genuine long term' sportscar owners/enthusiasts who dont share the same elitist sense of humor (cant think of a better way of putting it)..... I am one of them and that's why a simply agreed with amgeater. No offence caused I hope. i just pointed out differences.

    however with your last post, i do think you reinforced, most eloquently may i add, my point with absolute precision.

    please do read this, it may even make 'you' smile. Any real enthusiast who has owned a stable of ferraris or just a 2cv will appreciate it...... it's a gem of a story.

    take it easy bro. we just see things differently, i hope i am still welcome

    Re: 997 convertible crash pictures

    Well unfortunately my freind, some people are only willing to see things from their point of view not really listening to anything anyone else besides themself has to say. There in lies the problem, willingness to listen and respect others points of views. I believe it's called a Dominator complex; everything goes your way and the people that challange you, well, "have hell to pay".

    Of course you're welcome.


    Re: 997 convertible crash pictures

    take it easy bro. we just see things differently, i hope i am still welcome

    Anybody is welcome as long as the rules are obeyed. I don't see any problem with your posts, I'm not who deletes a post if he doesn't like it. And honestly, almost all posts (including yours) are very interesting and as long as it doesn't get personal with insults and fights, I really don't see any problem.
    Regarding the link you provided: this is actually something I wouldn't like to see on It took me a while to read the whole thread and I must say that I only did it because I wanted to understand what you mean. I got bored after the first 5 posts and almost fell asleep at the end. I'm not kidding. To each his own I guess and maybe we're all just lucky there are so many forums around the internet.
    A few are good, most of them are bad and some won't make it over the next few years. And here's the good thing with I just shut off my computer for the next 5 years and turn it on again. I can afford doing that, we have very nice adult and knowledgable Users and the forum will run by itself. No ads, nobody who joins this forum to sell his stuff, it is just a place for exchanging ideas, pictures, informations and have some fun. Nothing more and nothing less.

    And now I stop because I'm sure the Admin will kick in soon and show me the red card. This thread is getting way off topic.



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