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    exotics in australia

    aloha folks, occasional lurker around these parts, some may know me from Fchat... anyhoo i'm doing my best to finally organize all my vids and pics of all the cars i've shot over the last few years and so will be pumping them up to the interweb randomly over the coming days/weeks/decades... tons of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, etc gear.

    i'll start out with some older stuff, and then later on i'll be putting up some new gear. so, here's a vid of a photoshoot from our 2005 Exotics in the Outback speed tour, was a great event, sadly it's all over now as speed limits are being introduced in the Northern Territory early next year.

    so, enjoy! ---->

    stay tuned for much more later on....

    Re: exotics in australia

    Hi Ash

    Welcome to Rennteam!

    Re: exotics in australia

    Very nice. Makes you wonder why Q went to all that trouble to make James Bond's Aston invisible.
    Turns out all you need to do to turn any car invisible is park it next to a Murcielago.
    In the Outback..

    Re: exotics in australia


    Murcielago makes a guest appearance in this vid... i take a photo through it's open doors at 250kph in a 360 Spider at a guy urinating....... after having just been overtaken by a Challenge Stradale

    vid ----->

    (edit: the forum filtered out the word 'p!ss' from the URL )

    Re: exotics in australia

    I thought I would be the only person on Rennteam from Adelaide.

    Great pictures, that Stradale is really red!

    Re: exotics in australia

    vinnie said:
    I thought I would be the only person on Rennteam from Adelaide.

    hmm dunno, i don't have many porschenut friends so not sure. we like the italians mostly....

    Lamborghini Gallardo SE, crap vids, great noise.

    clicky -------------> take off/drive by

    and clicky -------------> hills cornering/drive by

    Re: exotics in australia

    Great Vids! Keep 'em coming.

    Re: exotics in australia

    few more vids...

    (link to post)

    clicky ----> Renault 5 Turbo2 - exhaust flames

    clicky ----> Dino 246GT on the road

    just a basic vid about ogling at one of the most beautiful cars ever designed.

    clicky ----> exotics in fog

    pics say it all...

    stay tuned!!!

    Re: exotics in australia

    onboard with a BMW ///M5 and a Lamborghini Gallardo at 1000kph.

    clicky --->

    Re: exotics in australia

    nice ashi! Thanks for posting

    Re: exotics in australia

    getting airborne in a black Lamborghini at about 280kph :/

    clicky --->

    Re: exotics in australia

    we celebrated Australia Day long-weekend by flying the aussie colours... in Lamborghinis!

    the slime-green missile is a 1974 Lamborghini Urraco P250 which has just undergone a complete nut-n-bolt restoration, it's now in better condition than it left Sant'Agata over 30 years ago, a truly great machine.

    also rans include a Lamborghini Gallardo SE, Porsche 356 Cabriolet, Honda NSX, and Renault Gordini.

    for the full story and loads more pics, clicky ---->

    Re: exotics in australia

    When I was a kid I had the Uracco as one of my many toy cars. It was my favorite one. I love it. Thanks for reminding me this

    Re: exotics in australia

    Gnil said:
    When I was a kid I had the Uracco as one of my many toy cars. It was my favorite one. I love it. Thanks for reminding me this

    cooooool. well hopefully i'll be able to bring many more cool pics your way.

    added a vid -

    ps. shot with digicam, and the day was about fun and pics not vids, and it's and heavily edited sorry, but the sound is *VERY* nice

    pps. click the thing that says "Click for larger version" just under the vid

    Re: exotics in australia

    You guys doing a trip down to Melbourne? I will join you for a drive if you ever do.

    Re: exotics in australia

    hey people, MOTOR Magazine is out now and our Exotics in the Outback speed tour is featured! haven't seen it yet, but in the mean time here's the pics i took.

    for vids and other stuff, go to


    Exotics in the Outback '06 -


    or pick your genre by keywerd.....

    wallpaper worthy shots -

    BMW M5s - wallpapers


    Ferrari F430 - wallpapers


    Lamborghini Gallardo - wallpapers


    Lotus Esprit S4s - wallpapers


    Mercedes E55 AMG - wallpapers


    Porsche 911 Turbo - wallpapers


    996 Turbo - wallpapers


    997 Turbo - wallpapers


    SCARY Gallardo - wallpapers


    Uluru - wallpapers


    close up/detail shots - wallpapers


    shots of badges/logos - wallpapers


    shots with reflections - wallpapers


    shots in mirrors - wallpapers


    hope that's enough to get you going

    Re: exotics in australia

    great pics ..thanks!!

    Re: exotics in australia

    couple more vids on the blog post.

    clicky ---> Challenge Stradale hunts down a Lamborghini Gallardo

    clicky ---> Ferrari take-offs - Challenge Stradale and 360 Spider

    Re: exotics in australia

    Thanks for the post....great photos.
    The 246GT is one of my all time favorites.

    Re: exotics in australia

    Thx...some photos are very

    Re: exotics in australia

    awesome run today, covered 400km of great roads. tearing up the serenity of the SA sunday country dawn with the bark of an abundance of Italian and German horses resonating over the hills. breakfast out at Blanchetown, and lots of thumbs up from passing enthusiasts.

    here's a few happy snaps. full gallery here ---->

    (maybe some vids in a couple days)

    Re: exotics in australia

    last Sunday the Lamborghini Club of SA had it's first Running of the Bulls, seven cars participated - which is about 50% of the *driven* Lamborghinis in Adelaide. it was more just a get-together and drive thing, we didn't stop anywhere picturesque to get any pretty pics, but hopefully what we got is good enough... until next time!

    main page which will be updated with any additional content (more vids to come... tunnels!! )

    anyhoo, pic > words.

    ---> all thumbnails on one page
    ---> Best pics

    ---> Lamborghini Diablo VTR

    ---> Lamborghini Diablo VT

    ---> Lamborghini Gallardo

    ---> Lamborghini Gallardo SE

    ---> Lamborghini Countach 5000 QV

    ---> Lamborghini Urraco P250

    ---> Lamborghini Islero

    Re: exotics in australia

    amazing pics...
    but Mike's LP640 is the best background by far :-)

    Re: exotics in australia

    Discover said:
    amazing pics...
    but Mike's LP640 is the best background by far :-)

    still haven't seen an LP640

    Re: exotics in australia

    for those who remember Cannonball Run and that spine-tingling sound of the Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari 308 GTS (not to mention the uber hot 80's chicks in lycra!!!), well, here's a compilation vid of just the good bits of the film (the rest is crap).

    ---> Cannonball Run - the goodest bits

    Re: exotics in australia

    video of the Bull's Run is up...


    nothing terribly exciting, but it's nice to get a vision of Lamborghinis on the move.

    Lambos at the lights, Lambo convoy on freeway start, Lambos in tunnel, Lambos vs SUVs, drive-by all Lambos, rear-view at Lambos, overtaken by Gallardo, Diablo in mirror, driving in Countach, Countach mirrors, Lambos taking off, chasing Lambos, overtaking Urraco, chasing Countach, chasing Diablo VTR, watching Urraco, Countach on freeway, Diablo VT on freeway, Lambos in tunnel, Lambos in city.

    Re: exotics in australia

    Ash - what car do you own? Let me guess the yellow lambo?

    Re: exotics in australia

    Porky Tokyo said:
    Ash - what car do you own? Let me guess the yellow lambo?

    i wish!

    sadly nothing yet, i just make them look good. hopefully i can manage to pick up something Italian from the 80's in the next year or so...

    Re: exotics in australia

    seeing as Classic Adelaide was on telly yesterday i thought i'd update the galleries...

    here's the full gallery of shots from Classic Adelaide

    here's just the best pics

    and here's the vid of the 360 Challenges

    a couple preview pics...

    Re: exotics in australia

    (main post ---> 20 minutes flat out in a Ferrari )

    in 2005 we went to the NT because we knew the unlimited speeds wouldn't last forever, this video is just one segment of a spectacular 5 day high-speed adventure.

    i had to break the vid into 4 parts to put it on the internets, each about 6 minutes long. under each vid on the landing page there's a link to view the larger version.

    ---> vid one

    ---> vid two

    ---> vid three

    ---> vid four

    and here's a few pics of the car:

    enjoy! (we did )



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