Although we have had a relatively warm spell in Chicago that has melted all the snow, I have had about 300 miles on the new 18" Contiwintercontact 810 Sport tires in temps of <30 degrees F and in dry and wet pavement. So, I cannot comment on the traction in snow and ice yet. The tires are not labeled with the industry snowflake and mountain symbol. They are labeled as M+S tires. They are also labled as "N0" tires...for those who care

First, dry pavement behavior is excellent. They are much better than the Blizzack LM-22s I had on my BMW M5 on dry pavement...we'll have to see about snow traction as the Blizzacks were awesome in that department. They are a touch more stable than the Dunlop Wintersport M2 that I have also had in the past. High speed turns and traction are rock solid stable. Road noise is minimal. Very immpressive for a snow tire.

Second, wet pavement traction has also been excellent. I had to turn PSM off in a parking lot to get the rear end out on wet pavement. I couldn't even budge the rear end with PSM on normal. Previous winter tires such as trhe Blizzacks I could get the rear end out on wet pavement even with the BMW stability program on.

Snow and ice traction await...actually, I'm kinda hoping we don't get anymore snow...

Here's a link to the impressive technical aspects of the Contiwintercontact 810 Sport tires.
Continental Contiwintercontact 810 Sport