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    Upgraded my MINI today

    Well, after four years with one of the first MCS's to arrive in the US in 2002, I made a slight upgrade. It was late in the day, and already dark by the time I got home, so don't have too many pictures to share just yet, but I'll post a few. Cheers.

    Re: Upgraded my MINI today

    Pic 2. US version doesn't get the sumptuous and expensive Recaro seats, but I can live with it.

    Re: Upgraded my MINI today

    pic 3. Rear brake rotors look so small with those 18" wheels, but stopping power is dependent on fronts anyway.

    Re: Upgraded my MINI today

    pic 4, my Motoring Advisors are pleased with the car, but not as much as I am!

    Re: Upgraded my MINI today

    Looks great! Congrats!

    Re: Upgraded my MINI today

    keep this one and never ever sell it! Congrats, great choice

    Re: Upgraded my MINI today

    GP without Recaro seats?
    The last week i saw this:

    What number??

    Re: Upgraded my MINI today

    Thanks all; mine is #0433. Here's a link to a GP roof number list:

    Re: Upgraded my MINI today

    Schao, can you detail some of the mods done for the GP besides those in the Works package? New LW Flywheel? Stiffer clutch? Can you comment on how shifting/power/handling feels?

    Thanks and enjoy!

    Re: Upgraded my MINI today

    Hurst, would you mind if I refer you to other websites for better documentation of the differences between a GP and JCW car? Try these first:

    In short, modestly better engine/powertrain, more significant suspension/aero upgrades, less comfort/convenience items at a price that is less than a comparably optioned JCW car. As far as driving feel, I think you already know that MINI's starting with MY2005 the suspension was tuned to be much more compliant, so you will probably not feel as large a difference with your 2006 MCS as I did changing from a 2002 MCS. EVERTHING is more refined. Shifting so far is a bit less notchy. Power delivery is very linear and can be felt from low revs (1500 to 2000) rather than waiting to reach at least 3000 rpm; I haven't exceeded 4k rpm just yet, so can't comment on top end power difference, but that's not what MINI's are all about anyway. Handling is harder to judge just yet with only 40 miles put on the car, and with tires that are still new and slippery. There is a rather large dip in a road near my home, which in my '02 MCS would be quite jarring to take at speed. In the GP, I felt the dip, but the suspension damping and rebound settings are such that neither the car nor my teeth rattled. The real test will be when I take that dip with my wife in the passenger seat. She insisted that I upgrade from my '02 after driving an '05 as a service loaner. I think I'll keep both her and my GP! Cheers.

    Re: Upgraded my MINI today

    Definately a collectors car....If my 05mini cooper S amazes each day I drive it, I cant imagine what the GP would do to me !!!!

    that thing in curves is the king !

    When I have the money I will install a john works exhaust system or any other brand in the market !!!

    congrats on this master and unique piece of collection !!!

    enjoy it !!



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