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    GT3 First impressions

    Here is my first impressions.
    The car is tons more fun to drive than the 996C2.
    Car is much snappier, down low, it has much more torque and at 7800rpm it kicks you in the ass again.
    Suspension feels great and the ride height makes the car look awesome, similar to the height I had with my H&R set up on my old car.

    Not to rub salt in anyone's face but the GT3 truly makes the normal 996 feel like a Toyota Corolla. The 996C2, felt completely dead at mid range compared to this one.

    For some reason, I have a centre console, I thought this was to be deleted?
    The shifter is shorter than a regular 996's, but it feels too junky. I had a B&M before and anyone who has a B&M knows that you wont go back to stock. The stock shifter feels too rubbery for my liking, its going to be one of the first things to go on the car.

    I too had problems with shifting, not with first gear, but with second. With second there are "2 notches" to feel before it is completely engaged.

    Anyways, so far I am impressed with the car.
    And cant wait to take it out on the road.

    Re: GT3 First impressions

    I think I can see several RennTeam members drooling! I may have to get a handkerchief myself.

    Just out of curiousity...

    are you comparing the GT3 to a pre 02 996C2 or a "2nd generation" 996C2.

    I'm very tempted by the GT3...I'm just about to take delivery of a 3.6L Boxster S conversion so that will keep me happy for a while. No denying it though....GT3 is a fantastic car in every way.


    Re: GT3 First impressions

    RR4, thanks for sharing your first impressions!

    some pictures would really be appreciated!!

    Re: GT3 First impressions

    I also received delivery of a GT 3 on August 1,and Experience a similar problem getting used to engaging 2nd gear, I was stoping at the first notch without fully engaging in the begining.

    However I Like the shifter a lot, it is very tight with no play in it ,has a short throw and it does not seem to have as tight a pattern as my 97 Turbo S ,where you have to be more: carefull on downshifting not to hit 2nd instead of 4th.

    Also it was A Pleasant Surprise to find the Heavier Clutch,Its Great, It also seems that they have moved the Brake Pedal much closer to the throttle Pedal where it is more setup for the heel and toe and also it leaves more space between the clutch pedal with the Brake Pedal,Its working great with my size 13 shoes on Left foot Braking.

    Only Would of liked to have a bit more Louder Exhaust Note.




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