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Coupés as fader sedan poor copy with a modified roof and a shrunk interior, that was once. How exciting modern Coupés can look, calculated over decades the most conservative all offerer in the Premium segment demonstrates. But also Mercedes Benz suffers from the crisis at the automobile market the generally and at world-wide away-breaking paragraph of notchback models in the special. Not to invent, where the enterprise would stand today, if ex boss Juergen Hubbert had not in time looked for the way out in larger variant variety.

The business with the former best-sellers runs nevertheless rather badly as quite. The s-class goes into last model year, causes high discounts. The e-class stagnated (the large Facelift comes only 2006), and the revised C-class stays behind expectations. The result are job misalignments from Bremen to Sindelfingen and Rastatt.

In order to compensate the fall of the traditional karosserievarianten, Mercedes Benz wants with the successor of the C-class (series 204, start summer 2006) still more strongly into the width goes than so far. The following alternatives stand to the discussion? among them not less than three different Coupés: Sedan, 2006? T-model, 2006? Sportcoupé, 2007? Sportcabriolet, 2007? CLK Coupé, 2007? CLK Cabriolet, 2008? CLE Coupé, 4tuerig, 2007? CLT sport combination, 2 or 4tuerig, 2008? CLX Crossover, 4tuerig, 2007.

While sedan and combination are considered as set, the future of the Sportcoupés stands on the measurer cut. Also the remaining models are by the majority either or concepts, which were not yet finally abgesegnet by the executive committee. The encouraging beginning of the large CLS encouraged the Swabian product planners in their intention of supporting with a similar variant in the compact format the number of items stand of the C-class.

That internally as CLE well-known four seaters is to receive however a completely new door concept. Because four conventional doors in connection with the lowered roof portion in the C-class-format can be accommodated only with trouble, the designers favor a solution without b-columns with fondtueren fastened in the back and frameless disks. That looks mad, has however three weighty disadvantages: very complex side impact protection? various additional reinforcement measures are necessary? complicated door kinetics within the rear range.

In order to save costs, one wants to use the roof membrane of the CLE also for the new CLK, which is to fail clearly more sportily and less feminine than the current model. The CLK would likewise profit by the omission of the optically disturbing b-columns from the CLE Tuerkonzept. Coupé and Cabrio remain against it classical 2+2-Sitzer with two large doors and a somewhat more highly set stub tail, in that enough place are for the large vacation luggage.

A further variant, which fits perfectly the next C-class-matrix, is the CLX, which possibly goes as x-class to the start. This fuenftuerige Crossover aims at the strategic gap between BMW X3 and X5 . To the advantages of the CLX concept belong the increased seating position, the variable interior, rustikal the angehauchte optics and those? although reduced? Area fitness by the 4Matic all-wheel drive. With X -, M - and r-class Mercedes Benz wants to cover the entire Crossover spectrum starting from 2007. The cast-iron all wheel fans may do itself with the successor of the g-class troesten.

Made of iron, but made of aluminum substantial chassis elements of the new C-class (series 204) do not exist. In addition stronger brakes are, a faster-reacting steering element and far optimized ESP in preparation. While the transmission only plays more an outsider role, the modern filter course mechanism on broad front is used.

It goes rather slowly in front against it with the gasoline direct A splashes. Make the beginning the 1,8-Liter-Vierzylinder and the two six cylinder with 3,0 and 3,5 litres capacity. In both cases the DI technology brings an achievement output of five per cent.

The program in the detail: C 180 compressor DI, 1.8 litres, 150 HP? C/CLK/CLE 200 compressor DI, 1.8 litres, 170 HP? C/CLE 230 compressor DI, 1.8 litres, 200 HP? C/CLK/CLE 250, 2,5-LITER V6 , 204 HP? C/CLK/CLE 300 DI, 3,0-LITER-V6, 243 HP? C/CLK/CLE 350 DI, 3,5-LITER-V6, 286 HP? C/CLK/CLE 55 AMG , 5,5-LITER-V8, 390 HP? C 200 CDI, 2.2 litres, 163 HP? C/CLE 220 CDI, 2.2 litres, 204 HP? C/CLK/CLE 300 CDI, 3,0-LITER-V6, 225 HP? CLK/CLE 350 CDI , 3,0-LITER-V6/CRegisteraufladung, 315 HP? CLE/CLK 450, 4,5-LITER-V8, 340 HP.

Also above the s-class, those become shortly active Swabia again. The speech is from the CL row , which is to be replaced 2006. One year after the Coupé stands for the first time since that for 280 SE 3,5 again a viersitziges luxury Cabriolet (code A216) on the play plan. In contrast to the SL with its concealable Hardtop Mercedes Benz trusts with the new open air flagship in an electrohydraulical material stoffverdeck. The reasons: lower emphasis, space utilization, more convincing optics, less complex mechanics improves more emotion.

Under the sheet metal likewise one after-puts: The Vierventil-V8 brings it on 388 HP (CL 550), and the 5,5-Liter-V12 puts in the course of the conversion to DI technology to 525 HP too (CL 600 Biturbo). The AMG version, which changes from the compressor to the high speed concept, becomes still stronger. The CL 63 AMG is propelled by a again developed 6,3-Liter-V8-Sauger, which mobilizes 612 HP and a torque four digit in the ultimative stage of development. Do we really need in a luxury Coupé?

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