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    Protective plastic on PCM screen?

    I took in my 3 week old C2 to have the sport shifter installed today. The sport shifter is awesome. As I was driving home from the dealership I noticed that my PCM screen had an odd glare. As I sat at a traffic light I was fiddling with the PCM and noticed that there appeared to be a clear plastic sheet over the screen. The plastic sheet didn't fit perfectly over the PCM any longer, and that is why I ws getting the odd glare.

    I removed the plastic sheet, but was I supposed to? Should that cover have been removed before I took delivery of my car (3 weeks ago) or should it stay on the screen to protect it? I still have the plastic, but its smudged pretty heavily now from the oils from my fingers.

    BTW, the plastic sheet is rigid clear plastic, not the thin static cling type plastic that covers many new things you buy these days.


    Re: Protective plastic on PCM screen?

    I removed the LCD protective sheet as well as it developed swirl marks. It should not remain there, only for transport purposes.

    Re: Protective plastic on PCM screen?

    Whew, thanks. I thought I had already munged something up!

    Re: Protective plastic on PCM screen?

    i imagine people with clear bras on the front would leave the protective covering on the screen as well

    Re: Protective plastic on PCM screen?

    Only if you'll be throwing stones and things around in the cabin.

    I'm thinking about cleaning the plastic and trying to put it back on the PCM to protect it as long as possible.

    Re: Protective plastic on PCM screen?

    You can also get plastic seat covers to protect the leather.

    Re: Protective plastic on PCM screen?

    with the pcm screen being plastic, if it need cleaning and or you get scratches on it try cd polish this stuff works well on cds and has the same effect on any plastic!

    make sure you use cd wipes as theses dont scratch cds so they wont scratch the pcm screen as normal cotton cloth may do...

    the best cd polish scratch remover is a product called crystal disc, i only tired it because it was tested in the uk technology and gadget mag called T3.

    and they said it was good so way back in 1995 i went into hmv and brought some about Pounds4 which worked at 5 pence to reapir up to 80 cds, it came in a small silver tube.

    not long after it dissapeared from the shelves!

    and i've not found it since, so i'm stuck with hmv's own brand polish or some other make. but nothing is as good as that for making cds look like new!

    not that long ago i scratched one of my best cd's, since my hifi broke i've been listening to my cd discman in bed...
    and a few occasions my snyo player got knocked out of my bed! when i woke up i was greeted by my cd out of the player and had got a small half a cm scratch but it was deep.

    i ended up buying this album again at a cost of Pounds17...

    i still have the scratched disc, i have nearly got it out with t-cut, but it needs something less harse to buff it out..

    now all new cds are copied and put on cd-r then i'm not worried about them getting damaged or stolen etc..



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