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    Question about lowering my 997 S

    I have a 2005 997S... I took it to a friend of mine that has a tire shop in the Reseda, CA... He said there was a guy that works on Porsches around the corner and he would do the lowering of my car with H & R springs. I got it back and wished that the back was a little lower, and when I got home and took the H & R box with my stock springs in it, I noticed it said 996 Turbo on the box... I looked it up thinking maybe they are the same and they are not, the are two completely different part numbers, and the 996 says it lowers the car 1" and says in the notes AWD... The 997 says it lowers the car 1.2"...

    And, I have driven the car at least 500-800 miles, and it still "creaks" when I turn going out of my driveway, shouldn't it have "Settled" by now? My last Mercedes did that for a week or two, then stopped....

    Another thing is, my friend said the guy charged him $1200 to do it (including the springs), and I asked two other people and they said it would be about $500 (including the springs)...So not only am I kinda bummed about the price, do I have the wrong springs on my car or doesn't it matter?

    So my question is, do I hassle my friend about it and possibly lose a friend over it or do I leave it?

    I lke the way the front sits but would like the back a little lower, which maybe the .2" that i don't have may accomplish?

    Anybody have any thoughts on this?



    Re: Question about lowering my 997 S

    Sounds like this guy put the wrong springs in your car. You are not happy with the height of the rear. It squeaks. And, the springs are for a Turbo. Seems to me I'd be talking to your friend with whom you entrusted the car, to make it right. He may push you off to the other guy, but don't let him.

    This isn't a $15,000 Civic. Get it right so you can enjoy your car.

    Re: Question about lowering my 997 S

    I hear ya on that Circe, I will try to be nice and have him tell the other guy to redo it with the correct springs... I just don't know if it's going to have the same "squeekiness" and if it's going to be any lower in the rear... I do like the way my car sits, I would just like it a hair lower in the rear... It looks a little lower than it really is in those pictures....

    Do you have any idea on what the correct price for a set of H & R springs, installed, is, so I know if I have to tell him his guy overcharged or not...?

    Re: Question about lowering my 997 S

    I probably wouldn't get into a discussion on price with anyone yet. I would just show him the box and tell him his man put the wrong springs in the car and you want the ones you paid for, the ones for the C2S. Tell him it's no wonder the thing squeaks. Tell him you just discovered it after looking at the car compared to others on line and it just didn't look right. It should be he or the someone else's issue with cost for the wrong springs that mechanic ordered and installed, not you. From your perspective, you relied on him (your friend) to give it to someone who could read a label on a box and do it up right. I think your friend should step up and make it right even if he has to do it himself or pay someone who is competent to correct the issue. He'll lean on the other guy, you can bet. If he has to refund your money and put the original springs back on the car, that's ok, too.

    Ultimately you may need to know what the cost would be in case you decide to take a trip to small claim court. I have no idea what the price would be for H&Rs and installation.

    p.s. - despite this, you've got a nice lookin' ride!

    Re: Question about lowering my 997 S

    First off - nice ride! Second, ask your friend to make it right. If you lose him over this, then he wasn't your friend to begin with. BTW - do your homework on the cost of the springs and labor so you have a true comparison related to the costs.



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