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    Re: to go for turbo 997 hardtop or 997 turbo cabri

    STRADALE said:
    devo said:
    STRADALE said:
    I really like the way the wind deflector of the Cabrio makes the car look like a 2-seater. It's part of that whole
    different looks of the Cabrio. for different drives for me.

    I wonder if the Cabriolet up-charge has a person that would buy a Cabrio. buying a Coupe instead. It's a mighty big up-charge ($14,000) too more than normal. I think the charge for a Cabrio on my 997 S was $8000. Wonder why Porsche charges so much more for the Turbo?

    Found some old pics yesterday. One of my 996 Turbo:

    Stradale, The turbo coupe base price went up to $126,000 +/-, so the disparity between the copue and cab is not as great. I believe it's more like $10,500 or so.

    Thanks, yeah I was using the $122k, but thought something might be wrong. Thanks Chris.

    All the more reason to get the Cab; LOL!

    Re: to go for turbo 997 hardtop or 997 turbo cabri

    Gregg, Your 996tt looks/looked fabulous!

    Re: to go for turbo 997 hardtop or 997 turbo cabri

    devo said:
    Gregg, Your 996tt looks/looked fabulous!

    Thanks, found this one just now. It could do w/ out the blazzing side marker but...

    Re: to go for turbo 997 hardtop or 997 turbo cabri

    Very nice!

    Re: to go for turbo 997 hardtop or 997 turbo cabri

    As I've posted before, I love my Cab. I've had convertables continuously since 1989 and don't regret it a bit (and two others years before that; I was interupted by the "young children + no money" years). That's in the suburbs of NYC; not as nice as CA, but probably more top-down weather than London.

    There is a world of difference in comfort and noise between my 986 and the 997 Cab. Riding with the top down in the Boxster required fortitude. My wife can sit in the 997 with the wind screen up and the top down, with her seat lowered, and her hair barely moves at modest highway speeds (50-60). At higher speeds it moves, but the cabin is remarkably calm and quiet.

    As I've never owned a coupe P, I can't say this for sure, but the Cab is definitely quieter with the top down and the windows/screen up than it is with the top up and the driver's window partway down. And there's no wind bashing you in the face.

    I fully agree that the coupe shape is sleeker and that most people (including me) would find it more pleasing than the Cab with the top up.

    Coupe owners don't get to hear just how nice the (standard) exchaust system sounds like we cab owners do.

    And finally ... for me, there's no comparison in the driving experience on a warm day or night with the top down.

    Re: to go for turbo 997 hardtop or 997 turbo cabrio?

    My cab was the C2 Turbo. I also had problems with my 996 Targa. My 997S solid was solid as a rock because it was a hard top and my 997TT so far the best and most solid among all Porsches I have owned. I had a 928 GTS which was quite solid and quiet too.

    Re: to go for turbo 997 hardtop or 997 turbo cabrio?

    STRADALE said:
    silverrules said:
    I had the 997TT coupe and the biggest problem for me was the damn roof wouldn't fold specially on a nice sunny day in nor cali. That sucked big time. this problem only lasted 3 months. Bye bye coupe hello cab. They are both perfect cars. Cheers everyone

    I had the same problem w/ my 996 Turbo Coupe but was able to get it fixed when the 997 S cabrio. came out. Couldn't get the problem fixed under warranty but at least it was fixed.

    One of the things I just realized is obviously there are a lot more 997 Turbo Coupe owners around on this board than people ordering 997 Turbo Cabrio.'s. 997 TT Cab - Let's see there's me, there you............there's me...LoL!! It's going to be a pretty exclusive car for a while.

    But I agree; 997 TT Coupe/Cab - you can't go wrong.

    Greg, You are right. We are the minority for now



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