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    Ghostly Window

    Was wondering if anybody has ever come across this problem before. After leaving my Cayman S for a few hours (with alarm activated and doors locked), I have found the passenger's window completely open on my return, with the car alarm still armed! This has happened a couple of times and both occurrences took place in different locations (so, I rule out pranksters, or half-baked petty thefts).

    And no....I don't think it was Casper!! Any ideas anybody??

    Re: Ghostly Window

    Hmm. Just the one window? Odd!

    I returned to my car a few weeks ago, with similarly the passenger window down. I rationalised that I'd left the window down before I locked the car - (I had lowered it). But now you've got me worried!

    If you hold down the lock/unlock button on the key, do the windows raise/lower?

    If it doesn't happen again, don't worry about it.

    My car occasionally locks me in as soon as I put the key in the ignition. Odd, but not annoying enough or frequent enough for me to raise it to OPC. Spooky!

    Re: Ghostly Window


    It's apparently a known problem; other issues are, opening of boot and hood too.

    Porsche are working on a fix, or so the dealers told me.

    The only reason I know is because, I used to like the option to lowering and raising the windows with the key fob, as on my 996. It says in the manual that you can do this with the Cayman also, but Porsche have disable this function because it makes the likely hood of the bonnet and windows opening themselves while the car is locked more likely to happen.

    Re: Ghostly Window

    I can open/close the windows on mine by keeping the lock button pressed down.

    Re: Ghostly Window

    Toplad - You make a very interesting point. Now that you mention it, I have come back to my car on other occasions to find the bonnet or boot opened. In isolation, the problems can be overlooked, but now thinking about it....sounds like a job for the OPC....although was hoping that it'd be a quick fix...*sigh*....what a hassle!



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