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    Uh oh I *LOVE* the Automatic Convertible Loaner Car!

    My car needed service last Wednesday and the dealer gave me a loaner. When they brought the car out, I had to rub my eyes: it is a dealer demo 997S Convertible, looks near new but fully broken in at 5000 miles (no guilt trip on my part Smiley). The car has Automatic, and Big Red.

    Never thought about owning a convertible and am shocked to find I enjoy it so much. Finally, I understand the idea of a Porsche Convertible: the feeling of the top down is priceless. I now dig it why some of us has Convertible Turbo -- I think it would be pure, unadulterated fun at twice the speed of my loaner car! Noise isolation is surprisingly excellent with top up in case you are stuck in traffic. The first night with the car I was out on Los Angeles freeways at 11 pm, top down, silly grin on my face.  The next day, after picking up my daughter from school; we drove around the city with roof down, to the shopping mall, etc. We were giggling like 2 kids.

    The second shock is that I even like the automatic transmission. The (relatively) uninterrupted power flow is refreshing -- especially between first and second where I think my 6 speed manual is always such a let down. Subjectively from a standing stop, an automatic type transmission makes the car feels subjectively very fast in my opinion. I used to think manual is simply better, now I would re-catergorize it as being "different."  No flame please -- I am as much a manual die-hard as they come and am not about to give up my manual Turbo any time soon.  Smiley The point is I thought an automatic would make me feel disconnected from the car, it didn't. I now know with certainty if I were to get a second Porsche, it *WILL* have PDK to pair up with my manual Turbo.
    BTW, in fast corners and in "checking out the car" mode Smiley, I did switch the loaner's car Automatic to manual mode because a couple times it *seemed* the car shifted gear in mid corners and this felt "funny" to me.

    With respect to brake, this is my first long term comparison of the 2 brakes, as the loaner car has Big Red and my Turbo has PCCB. Again, if you don't track the car, my opinion is PCCB is a must have option.
    Big Red is a great brake, but PCCB is a great brake that will send you through the windshield Smiley. The initial bite of the PCCB is really a reassuring pleasure and is where the "money" is.

    Thursday the dealer called and told me they needed to keep my car for one more day. My response: GREEAAT!!! And in addition, since I was going to be busy Friday, I told them I wouldn't be able to pick up my Turbo then either Smiley.

    Saturday, I sadly had to return my all time favorite loaner car. While obviously there is a power difference between 997S and my Turbo, I think otherwise the car is an extremely compelling choice and I would not have minded it being my only Porsche. I guess my problem is I like nearly every Porsche that I drive. I miss "her"!


    997 Turbo + Bilstein PSS10 (Review) + Cargraphic Exhaust (Heavenly Race Car Noise Smiley Review)

    Re: Uh oh I *LOVE* the Automatic Convertible Loaner Car!

    Cool write-up. LOVED my 997 S Cabriolet. The feeling you had w/ the convertible you can't really describe to people & you cant appreciate it at all on a short test drive, you really need to experience the car for a while  to fully appreciate the fun of a convertible. The feeling of the cab on a really nice, cool evening is unbeatable.

    Exactly - Imagine the open top feeling of the 997 S convertible you drove but w/ PCCB's & w/ the performance of a Turbo................ aka the Turbo Cabriolet!  


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