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    Question for RC

    Offroad design package: from the order guide it this looks like it is a little more than purely cosmetic. What do you know about this package. It indicates drivetrain protection. What are we talking about here? Skidplates I think but where. Would they be available separately without the other, mostly cosmetic, additions?

    GM Austin, this link may help

    By RC

    Thanks Ron

    I recalled reading that post previously and it is good information. I was hoping to get more but I guess that's all there is for now.

    GM Austin...

    Any idea or time frame you'll be picking up your Cayenne? Did the dealer give you a cetain time for delivery?

    February 2003

    but I haven't had a recent update on that. I am sending him an e-mail now to see if that's still a good aproximation and I will post the response here.

    Received e-mail from dealer.

    February delivery is still his best information with order allocations going in at the end of this month. He is still not positive on this but believes the information should firm up over the next few days.

    Re: Received e-mail from dealer.

    I bet the count down ganna start in 10 days you can't wait, I feel you pain my friend . Exciting time

    Sorry...had a lot of work

    Couldn't answer earlier.

    Regarding fuel consumption: I talked to somebody who already had the chance to drive the Cayenne Turbo (not S) several times and he told me that real world fuel consumption is around 14-16 litres/100 km in the city and around 18-25 litres/100 outside the city (country roads, Autobahn, etc.).

    He once saw 270 kph on his speedo for a few times (it was night and no traffic) and consumption was around 30 litres. Ouch.

    My ML is not better, so I suppose this isn't bad for a 450 HP SUV.


    30 litres / 100 km. ???

    There should be a law against it!!!!

    I think about the worst I've ever seen on the Turbo moving average reading is about 23L/100km. When trying to creep to the next petrol station I think I've seen it down below 8.

    Maybe the answer is higher petrol taxes? Or better still, rationing??


    Re: Sorry...had a lot of work

    I think that was a question from philip. I wanted more details on the Off-Road Design Package. My dealer has seen photos of one and is trying to send one to me so I may know more soon.

    BTW, for US readers, I think RC's fuel consumption numbers for the Turbo convert to: 14-16 mpg city, 9-13 mpg highway (autobahn) and 7.7 mpg at 162 mph.


    I am considering the S in Silver with the Havanna Sand interior. Any comments on this combination?

    Re: Indeed.

    Sounds really nice I like the Havanna Sand interior.

    re. converting litres/km to mpg... americans should convert!

    hey, I think we readers here in the USA ought to deal with it and do the conversions in our head... actually go one better and go to the metric system itself... I learned the metric system a long time ago and frankly think our country should have converted a long time ago (back in the early 70s when we actually discussed it)!!



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