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    Good forum for aston martin?

    What is a really good forum like this one for aston martins.

    Re: Good forum for aston martin? .. Aston Martin owners club is a good start for AM only questions.. but there a few owners on here too who may be able to help with questions.. myself and WAY to name two.

    The AMOC forum seems a little more formal - whereas sometimes on this one we do digress...

    Re: Good forum for aston martin?

    There are a few more owners of AM here - jcparki, Guy Kuo, Moogle etc. Actually I am very curious, how many owners of AM are there here? Put your hands up now so we know. Maybe you can also tell us what AM you own. I will start - Ghilles Green AMV8.

    Whoops, there you go. Gone off topic already just as Rich predicted. TO me honest, AMOC is a little boring compared to this forum.

    Re: Good forum for aston martin?

    +1 on what they said.

    AMV8 roadster on order, 2 months to go...

    Re: Good forum for aston martin?

    Still love my V8 Vantage (tungsten with black interior) purchased May 2006.

    In addition to, try


    Re: Good forum for aston martin?

    Hi Hi!

    As mentioned pistonheads and amoc are the only ones I've found so far, they are not very active though.

    AMOC seems to be great for answering questions, and the general lack of too many topics may indicate that there aren't too many problems with the car.

    No need to 'mod' a car so beautiful, so the lack of those discussions is forgiven

    Waiting for my coupe, manual, black/black silver stiching with all the goodies.

    It's intended to replace my M3 as a daily driver/long distance GT, should end up being simply a more beautiful version of the same purpose car

    Re: Good forum for aston martin?

    I've got a red 2007 AMV8 coupe. The most active site for Aston Martin that I have found is


    Re: Good forum for aston martin?

    2007 Tungsten Silver - Love it. Make sure you all pull Fuse 22 ASAP!!!

    Re: Good forum for aston martin?

    DB9 Volante
    Vanquish S UE NO.11

    Re: Good forum for aston martin?

    Greetings from Texas:

    2006 AMV8 coupe, Tungsten Silver
    2008 AMV8 roadster on order, October delivery

    Such a fantastic car to drive, not to mention look at!

    Re: Good forum for aston martin?

    There are almost enough of us here to start an Aston forum! Oh, and MikeS will be the next AMV8 Roadster owner. :!



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