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    Goodwood 2010 - top car comparison

    This is a great video from Goodwood because it is high quality in sound and appearance. It is also special beacause it is CANDID, as if you were there and our cameraman provides great commentary. He sounds like he is of asian origin and just has a fresh and unbiased view of all the cars he sees.


    Some highlights - the sparkle on one of the veyrons, the sound of the ferrari's, the quickness of the Tesla, the show by the Detroit muscle, and the beauty of the 2 Astons. This real world video shows how nice the rapide looks and spectacular the One-77 shape looks in black. The One-77 is a total success as to its shape and hyper-car presence, however I have to agree with our cameraman that it was disappointing in the way it was driven and the lack of sound. Speaking of sound, the Maserati GT-S is still one of the best sounds available.


    Goodwood festival is amazing


    Re: Goodwood 2010 - top car comparison

    stills, the ferrari guys knew how to drive

    one-77aab ferrari.jpg

    one-77aab veyron.jpg

    Re: Goodwood 2010 - top car comparison

    The best car you can buy right now (if they haven't put a cork in it), they got the sahpe right-on, low and sleek




    WOW what a shape, visually spanks every other car there, but the driver didn't help



    Re: Goodwood 2010 - top car comparison

    This shot shows the GT shape and driving position with the long low front and the driver well back, so if you don't like the AMG SLS, JAG XKE, or 928 formats, you sure won't like this. This is luxury gt driving, relaxed, comfortable and master of all you survey.



    Re: Goodwood 2010 - top car comparison

    The rapides roof line - nice

    one-77aab rapide.jpg

    Re: Goodwood 2010 - top car comparison



    ...the only thing stopping you in all likelihood, is you!

    Re: Goodwood 2010 - top car comparison

    The One-77 makes all the other Astons look dated - that car raises the design/elegance bar to a new level IMHO


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    Re: Goodwood 2010 - top car comparison

    I don't know how I feel about this car. I love some of the engineering highlights, however the One-77 uses an old tech 6 spd automated manual gearbox instead of the 7 spd dual clutch that it deserves. My prediction is that this will be one area of criticism when the first reviews come out. To me, the styling is a little cartoonish. I like the overall shape, however the details seem overdone. The pointless chrome highlights on the side air vents are a prime example. The wing is obviously a necessary component but looks completely out of place, a larger/wider wing would have fit the lines better. It might sound crazy to some but I would prefer the 599 GTO.

    Re: Goodwood 2010 - top car comparison

    thanks for posting, man so many supercars in a row, just amazing event! i heard 4 people got runover this year...


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 

    Re: Goodwood 2010 - top car comparison

    Whaddayu mean runover ^^ and where did you hear that?


    Finally some Good Aston sound from Goodwood - The Rapide makes a great noise at Goodwood, not so nice in the garage.




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