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    When thanks are due

    As some of you may know, in the first 4 months of ownership I had several electrical problems (mostly sensor related) with my 2006 997. Sensors were replaced after trips to the dealer only to have the same sensor go bad again. One stay was for 9 days as the replacement sensor was itself bad. It got kind of frustrating, time consuming, plus I missed having the car. I had heard horror stories of how poorly Porsche (PCNA) treats P-car owners, i.e., us.
    I'd like to say that BOTH the dealer in Asheville (Deal Motors from whom I did NOT buy the car but where I am treated as if I had) and PCNA have treated me and my car's problems very professionally. PCNA and Deal "took ownership" of the problem and got it fixed. As they surmised, the problem was a loose ground wire (which the car was delivered with).
    So I wanted to say thanks to both PCNA and Deal Motors for working together and fixing the annoying problem and for the way I was treated. I really did get the idea they want us to be satisfied happy owners.
    By the way, I was told that these Forums are read closely by the folks at PCNA.
    (So watch what you say - just kidding.)

    Re: When thanks are due

    I wish I could say that about my electrical problem and my experience. I'm glad to hear your were treated as you should be. Unfortunately, a rarity these days.

    Re: When thanks are due

    Always good to hear something good. I agree with you when thanks are due we need to say it. We sure say how bad things are very quickly.

    Re: When thanks are due

    Yes, I gotta say my BMW and Porsche dealer service are top notch. They Do go out of their way to explain and suggest and they're very knowledgeable (many of the service techs have been there 20 years and have been to Germany multiple times to atttend workshops).

    It's a pleasure to get the bill, though whopping, they stand there with you as you review it and are prepared to explain the whole thing in detail. Never had to go back (except for my PCM replacememtn but that was a New Model Year).

    OTOH, I hear GM dealer service guys will toss the bill at you and run away!

    Re: When thanks are due

    Great to hear, Don!



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