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    Whatever i buy has to be as close to 100% reliable as possible. chances are I won't be able to afford the time or big repair bills if something goes wrong. Hence the possibility of a used MCS with some warranty still left on the car.

    Re: Reliability

    I bought a MCS to bridge the gap between a Turbo S and the GT3... it was a blast. Great little car but warranty is a good idea. They replaced the supercharger under warranty at 7300 miles and just recently, at 16,000 miles, replaced the clutch and flywheel, due to a defect. I ditched the run-flats awhile ago and installed Potenza RE050A tires... Transformed the car. The steering response on this car is as good as the GT3!

    Re: Reliability

    The Mini is a great car. I enjoy driving it almost as much as my 430. I have over 30,000 miles on it and the only servicing was an oil change and two tires. However, I believe you live in Chicago and snow may be an issue. Living in San Diego I don't have that problem.

    Re: Reliability

    MCS should be good in the snow as most of the weight is over the driving wheels. My friend's has all season run-flats which apparently handle the snow just fine, but he grumbles about the poor ride. Can he get rid of the run-flats and fit normal tires?

    Re: Reliability

    Le Chef said:
    Whatever i buy has to be as close to 100% reliable as possible. chances are I won't be able to afford the time or big repair bills if something goes wrong. Hence the possibility of a used MCS with some warranty still left on the car.

    If passive crash safety is low on your list, any of the cars suggested by the others would be fine. In fact a Cooper, S2000, etc. are wonderful cars in everything except passive safety. If you are severely injured in a crash during your daily drive, your business plan may suffer a significant setback. Therefore, if you want a car with a balanced package of close to 100% reliability, top of the line safety (check IIHS), fun if you adjust the handbrake and practice rally driving techniques, price plus tax below $20k, the 2006-2007 Honda Civic sedan would be my suggestion, Le Chef.

    Re: A Pragmatists Pessimistic Question

    Le Chef said:
    So...If I want my business idea to fly I may need to sell my Porsche and use the cash for the business. If that happens I will need to buy something to tie me over.

    What is the cheapest car available out there that will give me the maximum Porsche-like thrills for the $? And of course it doesn't have to be new.

    Any suggestions for the potentially "nouveau pauvre"?


    I have a friend who went the ultra-cheap route (after I ordered my 911S) and bought a used Mitsubishi Eclipse (not the recent model). He seems pleased with it. He also has a Miata which he also likes. Have you considered a Nissan 350Z (again, consider a used one)?


    Re: A Pragmatists Pessimistic Question

    968 CS, of course.



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