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    Software update - lurching

    I saw a post in regarding someone who had a software update. I have a question whether every dealer knows about it, should I just go to the dealer and ask for it? I am afraid they do not know what I am talking about.

    Has anyone here had it fixed?

    Re: Software update - lurching

    There are software upgrades. Contact your dealer. The fix is not 100% but it does improve the driveability of the vehicle. Also, I was told that if I brake with my left foot and throttle with my right that will cause the vehicle to go into its lurching behavior.

    Geez, pay almost $65,000 and your lucky to get a smooth ride. Each time you depress the throttle, you hope and pray it does not lurch. I should have bought an American manufactured SUV. Considering the use of a SUV, spending that kind of money was nothing more than a ego trip.

    Just a stupid purchase.

    Re: Software update - lurching

    alright thanks!! I'm gonna ask for the software upgrade together with my recalls and my door problems. My dad paid 73k last may for this car and yes luckily I don't have the vibration problem but the throttle and other minor problems are sooooo annoying considering its a Porsche and its 73k vehicle

    Re: Software update - lurching

    I had the previous DME update, I think it was last Fall, and I will agree with nberry that it was a noticeable improvement, but certainly no cure. Since then I have complained regularly about the hesitation and I've always been told there were no further fixes. When I took it in for an oil change at 10k I complained of hesitation and my resulting repair ticket said something like "customer complains of hesitation; tested vehicle; vehicle functioning normally".

    I took it in again Monday for two new tires, the emergency brake recall and the rocker guards (photos later) and again complained of hesitation. This time the complaint was not on the repair ticket, but, I was able to peruse the attached mechanic's notes and found the note "DME updated". I asked the service advisor about that and he said yes, there was a new update available and it was installed. He said they always check for updates, recalls and TSB's whenever I bring my vehicle in and if something new is available, they install it.

    The result? Well, I have only driven a few miles, I picked it up this afternoon, but the throttle response is noticeably improved. It is now similar to the PSM OFF without the annoyances. Actually better off the line. No hesitation off the line!

    This is preliminary. Give me a couple of days to test it. In the meantime, has anyone else heard of this new DME update?

    Re: Software update - lurching


    Its that guy on his bicycle from atlanta again , he takes his time but get around the country eventually ! That sounds like what I had and what camcayenne just got in the UK.

    Re: Software update - lurching

    Mick said:

    Its that guy on his bicycle from atlanta again , he takes his time but get around the country eventually ! That sounds like what I had and what camcayenne just got in the UK.

    I bet that guy is tired .... and wet too after pedaling to the UK!



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