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    Brake Dust and Brake shake --- not milk shake

    Hello friends,
    Two questions to the experienced ones:
    - Brake Dust: every time my car get cleaned the brakes shed a black liquidize dust all over the inner rims!! Is this normal? Cool? Or something I must fix?
    - Brake shake: Sometimes on a speed 140kmh- 170kmh) I get steering wheel vibrations after applying even slight braking!! even with the music sound off, i.e. no it its not my car dancing
    If the questions look stupid then apologies..

    Re: Brake Dust and Brake shake --- not milk shake

    Brake dust is produced by the brake pads and is normal . Make sure you clean it off on a regular basis otherwise it will permanently "etch" your wheels.
    As far as the steering wheel vibrations are concerned ,the cause should be determined and corrected.

    Re: Brake Dust and Brake shake --- not milk shake

    concerning brake dust cannot be avoided
    happens to the best families

    now concerning the shake if its not something with your disks(i.e problems due to hot-cold) happens rarely if you drive on water after spirited driving and it can damage the brake discs,from the difference of temperature..

    water on over heated discs=not the best combination

    BUT it might be that your wheels need BALANCING..this might occur during your whole driving experience..BUT is get more intense and obvious when you apply brake..

    I think its the most probale reason and the shake ussually appears around 110-120 kms

    Also it might be the surface-quality of the road you are driving...on, meaning the type of surface

    Drive again, 2 or 3 times, to identify ,if it happens to several driving conditions, on different traction road surfaces...

    Re: Brake Dust and Brake shake --- not milk shake

    Brake discs (rotors) can also get warped if you hold the car on the footbrake after using the brakes very hard. The heatsoak on one specific area of disc will cause it to warp slightly and this could be a cause of your vibration. If you've been using the brakes hard never sit at rest with your foot on the brake pedal!

    Re: Brake Dust and Brake shake --- not milk shake

    interesting info ,didnt know that!

    but on the other hand this must be valid if only they are used VERY hard, otherwise these are not common rotors they are pretty hard

    Re: Brake Dust and Brake shake --- not milk shake

    Dust harmnessly collects inside the vented rotors. It reaches a point where they can't hold anymore dust and it avalanches onto the inner rims of the wheels and creates a mess.

    I blow the rotors off by shoving a long stem blower nozzle into the vents. This is the only way to stop the pollution of the wheels. If you made a special nozzle to spray water into the vented rotors it might work just as well. A regular hose nozzle or air nozzle won't completely clean out the rotor and you get black muddy ejecta all over the inside of the wheel

    Re: Brake Dust and Brake shake --- not milk shake

    cool... now I know..thanks. forgot to mention that my car is just 3800km old...
    I will pay attention to the cleaning and let my dealer check the brakes..

    Re: Brake Dust and Brake shake --- not milk shake

    ALSO THE WHEEL balancing, dunno the exact english word

    Re: Brake Dust and Brake shake --- not milk shake

    correct word ... I will thanks dilinger



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