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    Re: Panamera Turbo tested in german "AutoMotorSport" Mag


    All of this is hard to follow.  I like AMG products as well, but I prefer the Panamera to the E class AMG.  There will always be comparisons of cars within the same "class" (Corvette versus Porsche, etc.), so just pick what you like and go for it.

    Also, I am not sure of this, but my guess is that, during testing and development, Porsche extensively compared the Panamera to the AMG products in its class, and would not have produced a car that was less than or even equal to those products.


    I has been stated several times by Rennteamers who are in direct contact with Porsche employees or who had access to Porsche internal documentation (RC being one of these persons) that Porsche targeted foremost the Limousine segment and in particular the S-Class.

    Re: Panamera Turbo tested in german "AutoMotorSport" Mag

    I noted that some compare the Panamera with the BMW M5 (even if this is only for the statistics), don't get me wrong I am a life long fan of BMW and would love an M5, however the latter is not an easy car to drive, it is actually a difficult car to drive and if you jump into it from fresh (never driven a M5 before) you will be struggling. The car in 'semi' auto mode is a nightmare as it constantly goes up to 7th gear, if you need a little bit of accelleration (or just move on) you need to use the kick down or use the paddles to gear down. I haven't driven the Panamera as yet but I assume this car drives and behaves completely different (I hope at indeed Porsche is targeting the limousine market). The M5 is a sports car definitely not a limousine.

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    Re: Panamera Turbo tested in german "AutoMotorSport" Mag

    AMS is VERY close to Porsche, Sport Auto is actually owned by AMS. Go figure...

    Overall, I'm not surprised at all with the results and I could easily say now "I told you so...".

    Using the Scrubs version of this: "I told you so...I told you so...I told you so...".

    The Panamera Turbo is going to get better, don't worry. Porsche always made improvements in the process.

    Right now though, things may look different.

    Currently, in MY and PERSONAL opinion, the Jaguar XF-R (old version but new engine) is the best buy for the money.

    The Mercedes E63 AMG surely is a good buy too but I HATE the look, so I wouldn't touch this car, sorry.

    The Audi RS6 is another interesting choice but it got a bit pricey and the performance figures in the AMS test are strange.

    Maybe Audi changed the mapping to get better environmental figures on newer models, I don't know what happened.

    Right now, the next generation Cayenne Turbo looks MUCH MUCH brighter to me than it did before.


    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor 997 Turbo, Cayenne Turbo S, BMW M3 Cab DKG, Mini Cooper S JCW

    Re: Panamera Turbo tested in german "AutoMotorSport" Mag


    Right now, the next generation Cayenne Turbo looks MUCH MUCH brighter to me than it did before.

    IMO if someone doesn't have specific need for a limousine (for example company regulations, official duties etc) this person is much better off with a good SUV from the 3 or 4 premium brands.

    The handling of the new-generation  SUVs is 95+% like a very good saloon car and they are more relaxing in traffic due to the elevated position, have better loading possibilities, better bad weather ability, excellent bad terrain ability and can be used for sports (tow boat or track car/kart/motorbike, carry diving equipment, bicycles etc etc.). You can even move house with the use of a SUV!

    Best combination in a family is a sportscar from Porsche and a good SUV. If your sportscar is say, a Ferrari or even R8 then in most places you will need a third car for everyday use.

    It's not where you're going, it's how you get there that counts

    Re: Panamera Turbo tested in german "AutoMotorSport" Mag


     Strange results. RS6 looks too slow, Panamera TT looks too slow...

    Could it be that high ambient temperatures caused the drop in performance of the two turbocharged models, namely RS6 and Panamera?

    Re: Panamera Turbo tested in german "AutoMotorSport" Mag


     Strange results. RS6 looks too slow, Panamera TT looks too slow...

    Could it be that high ambient temperatures caused the drop in performance of the two turbocharged models, namely RS6 and Panamera?

    This makes a lot of sense...




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