It is a manual, silver with most non-cosmetic options. Speced same as my prior 997 2S, plus additional electronics 4WD options.

 Initial take:

  1. Clutch is much lighter. Shifter is precise.
  2. Can feel a little more power and different engine sound but hardly game changers.
  3. New PCM is everything they should have introduced four years ago. Excellent, intuitive, as far as I have been able to explore it. I wonder who's system/software they use. Hopefully my last gen Nano charges properly.
  4. Cosmetically: the reflector strip on the back adds nothing and detracts from the design in my view. No coincidence that they are suddenly reaturing red cars in their advertising to mask it! The dual lamp units for dynamic cornering look fussy compared with the standard lamps. For the nominal value, I'd save my money if I had to do it again. XM roof antenna is smallest possible as is XM's share price(!), so hopefully it doesn't become a useless roof ornament - not to mention the unconcionable $750 they charge for the XM radio. It is not the larger size of the wing mirrors but the ridge in the moulding around them that detracts from their aesthetics compared with the first generation. All other cosmetics neutral to improved in my view.

If this is more a reflection on how it looks versus how it drives, it is because I have only driven a few, non-aggressive miles so far but I'm sure the 4WD (and slip -differential) will come in handy as winter approaches.

All in all, it is quite hard to tell the two cars appart, and that is the genius of Porsche!