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    GT3R heads on 996tt

    Has anyone made this modification. If so what is required? What are the gains if any?

    Re: GT3R heads on 996tt

    I hope to be able to answer your questions mid of next week. You don't give up, don't you?

    Re: GT3R heads on 996tt

    the engine has a much faster "burned gas exchange" so you put more air fatser in the engine and you can take more gas faster out of it= more power in higher rpms

    PS do not expect a nice idle and a nice start with this mod. You must let the car idle at high rpm for some min.

    Re: GT3R heads on 996tt

    RC, it is not a question of giving up. The project has started. I have ordered the Ruf titanium conrods, GT1 oil pump and GT3R valve springs. I have also sent the valve springs for heat dispersant coating. I want to have all the new parts ready prior to breaking down the motor. Currently looking at the heads and bearings. I have time to make changes up to the point I have accumulated all the new parts. Is this really so strange?

    I am anxiously awaiting any information you come up with on the GT3R heads. Thanks again.

    Re: GT3R heads on 996tt

    I'm just enjoying your efforts to build a monster engine. Please don't get me wrong, I really admire what you're doing. Nothing strange about it.

    BTW: I have one question. I can see that you put a lot of effort in building a very powerful engine. But what about the drivetrain? Did you already do some mods or are you planning to do these as soon as you know how much power/torque the engine delivers?

    One problem with german Tuners is environmental and safety issues. We have very tough laws regarding that over here in Germany and some Tuners have a lot of difficulties to get the german technical approval (TUEV) for street usage.
    Main issue seems to be ... tires but also emissions. The tuned Turbo we testdrove was rev limited to 6800 rpm because of the tires, one reason why the top speed was around 334 kph only (speedo reading, I guess it was around "real" 325 kph). Keep us updated with your project and be careful.



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