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    Tyre pressures

    Can anyone explain why the tyre pressures are lower on the GT2 than the Turbo?

    My guess would be that the sidewalls on the GT2 rear tyres are stiffer than on the Turbo tyres.

    Any guess yet what the pressures will be on the new GT3 with Rosso tyres? I'm very curious to see how they compare to the turbo pressures. If they are a lot lower I will be very curious to know why. The tyre size is identical.


    Re: Tyre pressures

    As far as I know, it has something to do with:
    -suspension setup (GT2/GT3 share the same engine block but don't have a common suspension with the Turbo).

    As far as I heard, the GT3 will have the same recommended tire pressure as the GT2.
    The recommended tire pressure is for mixed usage (mainly street) only and shouldn't be lowered for that purpose. On the contrary, lowering the tire pressure for street driving can actually put you in trouble.
    For the track, things look different. The tire pressure has to be lowered because it raises again as soon as the tires are very very hot (track racing). So even if people lower the tire pressure to 2.1 bar, they might end up again with 2.5 or even 2.6 after some hot rounds on the track. Many people (I'm sure you're not one of them, Stephen) think that generally lowering the tire pressure does the trick (no matter if they drive on the track or street) but this is BS.

    Highly recommended: having two wheel sets, one for the street and one for the track (semi slicks recommended).
    Swapping 18'' tires on the same rims is not approved by Porsche because the tires can be damaged invisibly to the human eye and one might end up with a blown tire.

    Totally agree

    You're right RC, I'm not one of those who advocates lowering the pressures for street use. Quite the opposite in fact. I'm usually the one warning about the risks of doing so. Continuous high speed driving on underinflated tyres is a very scary thought. And we already know all about blown up tyres.

    I think you already know what I'm thinking ... will Porsche approve the Rosso for use on the Turbo? And if so, at what inflation pressures?? If not then surely they are going to have a big problem with people using it anyway and I can imagine that Pirelli would like to move away from the Asimmetrico.

    What does it say about you when you get all excited at the idea that there will be new tyres available to fit your car in a few months??


    Re: Totally agree

    I think I read somewhere that Porsche already approved the Rosso for the Turbo. This means that there will be tires available sooner or later. But to be sure, I have to check that out in January.

    I hope the GT3 will have Pilot Sports - I like those

    more than the Pirellis and Contis. The GT2 had Pilot Sports didn't it?

    Re: I hope the GT3 will have Pilot Sports - I like those

    The Pirelli P-Zero Rosso is a very different tyre to the Pirelli P-Zero Asimmetrico. In my opinion, Pirelli does themselves a disservice by using the same general name.

    My guess is Grant that you will prefer the Rosso on your GT3.


    Re: I hope the GT3 will have Pilot Sports - I like those

    I thought the Rosso was more "all weather" and less "sports" than the assymetrico, no?


    The big goal on the Rosso was to reduce the weight of the tyre. The Rosso is significantly lighter than the Asimmetrico. Lighter means less unsprung weight. It also means better heat transfer.

    The Rosso is absolutely the better tyre to have on the GT2 (though lately all I've seen have come with the Michelin).

    In the end, you aren't going to have a lot of choice. On low production cars like this, it is just a matter of who is producing tyres at that moment.


    Re: I hope the GT3 will have Pilot Sports - I like those

    The PZero Rosso is actually sportier than the Giallo (the "classic" PZero). I have to agree with FixedWing, Pirelli created a lot of confusion with the PZero name of the giallo, rosso and nero. It might be easy for italian customers but for customers outside the italian language region, it is indeed confusing.
    Yes, the Rosso is the tire one wants to have on the GT2. The Michelin Pilot Sport is a nice tire too but it needs temperature and it might loose grip when it gets really really hot. A very good tire for mixed street/track driving but the Rosso is much better for the track. The N3 version of the Rosso has a special compound similar to the Corsa, a huge advantage on the track. I understand FixedWing very well why he wants to get the Rosso for his Turbo.

    Ok - I trust you guys!

    I am a simple man.

    In reply to:
    I understand FixedWing very well why he wants to get the Rosso for his Turbo.

    I am a simple man with simple needs.


    Simple, just not cheap, right?

    Re: I hope the GT3 will have Pilot Sports - I like those

    My GT2 came with the Michelins, when I changed tyres after around 8000 kms I went for the Pzero Rosso.
    What a difference! The Pirelli wouldn't grip when cold but as it got warm its grip levels were way above the Pilot Sport's.

    I had the opposite experience with my Modena, in which the Pilot sport offer more grip than the Pzero Asimmetrico.

    Asimmetrico vs. Rosso

    Proof once more that the Asimmetrico and the Rosso are two very different tyres and that the Rosso appears to be a great improvement on the Asimmetrico.


    Re: Asimmetrico vs. Rosso

    I might then ask, has anyone tried to Nero?



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