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    Porsche quality down - JD Powers

    Don't know if this has already been posted and beaten to death but I saw this little snippet in the latest edition of PCA Panorama -
    JD Powers Vehicle Dependability Study based on reliability experienced over three years of operation. Unlike the Intial Qualtiy Survey which is subjective....
    Lexus #1 for 12th straight year (oh duh)...Porsche drops from #2 last year to 22nd place! PCM/Nav biting P in the ass or just general drop off? Maybe a company trying too hard to be a broad line supplier (SUVs, new sedan, etc) and not sticking to what they do best...

    Re: Porsche quality down - JD Powers

    I think these surveys go in short cycles depending upon when a manufacturer launches new models. (There are some exceptions e.g. Japanese brands like Lexus and Subaru where the new launch models are perfect from day one but most other manufacturers need 1-2 years to sort out gremlins).

    As such, Porsche initially fell then rose again on the Initial Quality Survey. Likewise, it's Porsche's turn to fall in the Vehicle Dependability Study since they launched so many new models in the period from Sept 04 to Sept 06. After a year or so, you'll probably see the results improve from owners of the cars that were made over 1 year after launch.

    Just my 0.02c worth.

    Re: Porsche quality down - JD Powers

    These survey's don't mean jack. I saw a survey where Porsche was #1 and lexus #2, MB and BMW somewhere in the middle. Range Rover at the end.

    Re: Porsche quality down - JD Powers

    Range Rover is always at the end!

    Re: Porsche quality down - JD Powers

    Couple things:

    The quirky, prematurely released, user-unfriendly, and many times broken-at-delivery PCM is a liiiiitle problem.

    People are getting flat tires and starting to connect the concept of a RELIABLE car with being able to get somewhere without getting interrupted by a full day of get-the-tire-fixed behaviors.

    Re: Porsche quality down - JD Powers

    edz61 said:
    These survey's don't mean jack. I saw a survey where Porsche was #1 and lexus #2, MB and BMW somewhere in the middle. Range Rover at the end. [/quote

    Sorry, I disagree. These surveys do mean jack as it relates to public perception. If the trend line is in the wrong direction and persistent it will have an impact at some point..e.g. Land Rover, MB. Also, rationalizing it as a result of a new model (997) transition is not acceptable. High quality, modern companies should not need a couple of model years to ring-out a new generation. If so then that tells you something about buying a new gen Porsche the first year out. Confirms my rule of thumb that the only manufactureres I'd buy a first year model from are Toyoto or Honda.

    Re: Porsche quality down - JD Powers

    I also think that these surveys are seriously flawed. I don't think they really represent the truth. Having said that, they cary a great deal of weight. But that's the way it is with most things right? Often, the things we think of as being really important are just spin & BS. Look at the information the President apparently gets.



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