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    has anyone lowered a c4s or turbo that is used as a daily

    driver? with stock factory height i still have to be careful going down a steep driveway. the bottom of the driveway has to be approached at an angle to avoid dragging the front lip .

    lowering would be great for a track car but for a daily driver i think it would become very expensive very fast!

    Re: has anyone lowered a c4s or turbo that is used as a daily

    Not sure how much difference it would really make ...

    The problem with the Turbo is not the height but the fact that the lip is so far forward of the front wheels. There's never a problem when going along flat roads. Just when driveways haven't been properly engineered and you have a quick change in angle.

    Remember, the GT2 is lower and also has the brake air scoops hanging down from that.


    Re: has anyone lowered a c4s or turbo that is used as a daily

    I lowered my TT but do not use it as a Daily driver. I don't scrape that much on it, I only have three scrapes in my spoiler. If you keep the height in mind and approach driveways at an angle, you'll be ok. That being said, I installed ROW, no the H&R or Techart stuff. The H&R and Techart stuff is a lot lower...

    Good luck.


    Re: has anyone lowered a c4s or turbo that is used as a daily

    My TT has been slightly lowered (H&R kit). I use it both as a daily driver in any conditions (dry, wet, snowy, whatever) and at the track (14 days this year, and 2 more to come). No major problem so far. Yes, the front lip has been scratched a few times, but it's flexible enough to cope with it.
    And the lower/stiffer setup makes the car MUCH better on the track. I love it...


    Re: has anyone lowered a c4s or turbo that is used as a daily

    Hey there... I own a new (2002 that is) TT 996 with a GT2 Aerokit and I have not yet lowered it... I appreciate your comments more as they pertain to street driving. Have you had any problems with speed bumps, ramps, ets... As I mentioned, I have not yet lowered my car, yet the rubber seal along the bottom of the bumper shows some wear and tear. Is this just a "fact of life". Your posting seems to indicate no problems at all and I'm a little surprised that's all...



    Re: has anyone lowered a c4s or turbo that is used as a daily

    Of course you'll have to be careful with ramps and speed bumps, that's for sure! I usually take them very slowly. If they're really big/steep, taking them with an angle helps a lot.
    It only happened once that the ramp was definitely too steep and that the angle to the connecting road was too big. It was a small road in an italian town, and I had to drive back the whole road (500m) in reverse gear...


    Backing up...

    I've had a few more episodes than that!

    Not much fun to get to the bottom of a steep garage enterance ramp only to find that you won't fit and then to have to reverse out (while not allowing yourself to roll orward even one inch). Usually ends with a smelly clutch.

    Another trick is to turn the wheels to absolute full lock at the point where the front is about to touch. Because of the geometry of the front suspension this will raise the front end up by a small amount which might just be enough to make it.

    The bumper strips are cheap. What you don't want to do is to rip the front bumper cover which is easy to do.


    Re: Backing up...

    But doesn't hitting the front edge of the bumper put enormous stresses on it's mounting points? Has anyone has problems with the bumper coming out of alignment with the hood and/or fenders?


    Re: has anyone lowered a c4s or turbo that is used as a daily

    In Europe, Porsche doesn't offer a lower suspension for the Turbo (at least nor yet, might offer one in the near future as Christian has mentionned it).
    Where did you get yours? and how much lower is you car?
    Bear in mind that all turbos are already 10 mm lower than the other carreras maybe that's what you're talking about.

    GT2 Aerokit???

    I thought this wasn't availiable on the turbo.
    A turbo aerokit is available but it doesn't look at all like the GT2.
    Did you get it through Porsche (like CR, the GT2 front bumper on his turbo) ?

    Re: has anyone lowered a c4s or turbo that is used as a daily


    Sorry for not being clear. The US Turbos are higher, and softer, than the European TTs. I installed the German suspension setup which we call ROW (Rest of World). It's probably the same as what you have.


    Re: GT2 Aerokit???

    Yes, I did get it as an option through my dealer. It was a relatively new option for the TT 996 as options go (my dealer had only done one other GT2 Aerokit conversion before mine). The kit involves changes both to the front bumper and the rear fixed wing. It is expensive as all get out (re. the threads on overpriced dealer options). I have to tell you that I love the looks however and splurged for it.

    Sadly, this has turned out to be an "issue" for me. I had a slight accident with a lady in an SUV and as a result needed to replace the front hood and the bumper. Since the Aerokit is tough to come by, my car has been waiting for parts for over a month. I would hate to find out how long it would take to get PCCB brakes if I were ever to order that option for my car and subsequently needed to fix them!

    I ought to be getting my car back next week and I can't wait. But the lesson I have learned from this is perhaps an aftermarket Aerokit option that looks a lot like the GT2 might be a better choice simply because it is more available(blasphemy!).

    My dealer told me a horror story about waiting for parts... A customer had gotten in an accident in a Cabriolet (sorry, don't know which year). He needed to get a new convertible top for his car. Apparently in order to get the convertible top, a mold had to be manufactured at the Porsche factory. This whole process took 12-14 months, with the customer calling the parts department every day sometimes 2x a day!

    I wish I was rich enough to have a backup 996 TT or a GT2. However my fiance would kill me if I spent our money so foolishly.

    Cool for the USA!!!

    In Europe, it is not possible to get a GT2 aerokit for the Turbo, you can only get what they call Turbo aerokit.

    Re: Cool for the USA!!!

    It is not a Porsche option in the US either. The Dealer installed that...




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