Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone can help me with this one because it's really bugging me.

Listed Below is a list of my options on my 99 C2. As you'll see, the last three are missing. I got most of these of that decoder site and managed to fill a couple more of the blanks in but the last three are still a mystery.

My car is fitted with a Porsche sports exhaust which is not on the list and it is wired up for a multi cd changer (though there isn't one in it).

Code Option Description
030 Sport Group
220 Locking differential
224 Active Brake Differential
375 Clutch lining without asbestos
424 Automatic heating control
436 3-Spoke steering wheel (996)
490 Hi-Fi sound system
650 Sunroof
222 Traction Control System
C16 UK LUX spec: tinted windows, metallic paint, and a few other goodies.
X54 Oval Chrome Exhaust Pipes
X70 Metal Door Sill with Insignia
X71 Aluminum Instrument Dials
XAA Aerokit
XAD Rear GT Fins
XRL 18" Sport Design Wheels
236 18" Tyres
376 Sports Seats
695 CD Radio cdr-22
790 ?
X47 ?
X58 ?

TIA Steve