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    next gen ML pic - WARNING: not a sportscar news ;)

    here's a (nice looking) picture of the upcoming merc ML i found at the "auto spies" website


    Re: next gen ML pic - WARNING: not a sportscar news ;)

    Those "power bulges" on the hood resemble those on the Cayenne Turbo.

    Sorry to disappoint you guys but ...

    ... this "spy" pic is almost one year old and appeared in a german Offroad magazine first.
    The new ML will NOT look like this. I talked to a Mercedes engineer driving a camouflaged E-class a few months before the official E-class introduction. He told me that the new M class will be bigger and have a more revolutionary design to cope with the "stylish" X5. And I'm not talking about the GST.

    Re: Sorry to disappoint you guys but ...

    that's not really a disappointment... when noticing this pic (ok, i thought it was new ) i was asking myself if merc isn't taking their "4 round headlamps"-look too far... they have to do some dramatic design changes, currently their cars look too similar-- this "new" ML could look like a SL "country" in the rear view mirror

    Re: Sorry to disappoint you guys but ...

    I have to agree, I hope the new M-class will look a bit more stylish and maybe a bit more aggressive too.
    Considering the ML55 AMG we're owning, I'd like to see the following improvements:
    • Stronger engine, 450 HP minimum
    • Improved climate control (especially A/C sucks)
    • Darker rear side/rear windows (the current dark tinted windows are not dark enough)
    • Improved suspension (not stiff enough for racing but too stiff for comfort)
    • Bigger trunk (more space)
    • Better (more comfortable) rear seats

    RC--I think you nailed it.

    Your reasons are exactly why I'm not sure the high performance SUV market (ML55, X5 4.6, Cayenne Turbo) is going to be that strong. I didn't expect P to price the Cayenne as low as they did; it may reflect a shift in the expectations for that market, even though their entry with its adjustable suspension may handle its conflicting roles of SUV and sports car better than the others.

    Re: RC--I think you nailed it.

    Right Seth. I also think that the high performance SUV market is very limited because people have too high expectations on these types of cars which these cars can't meet.
    A SUV with a weight of 2.3 t is no sportscar, no matter how sophisticated it's suspension system might be (e.g. Cayenne Turbo). Many people still have to learn that the hard way (by selling their sportscars and buying a HP SUV to learn that they're not even close to a real sportscar).
    I give you an example of how customers seem to be misled (not intentionally but somehow maybe desired as a "side effect"): I just read in a german car magazine a letter from somebody who claims that the Cayenne Turbo will be a great SUV, the best SUV of all and it will outrun many sportscars too. Well, I don't know what kind of sports car definition this guy uses but I can assure you that the Cayenne Turbo won't even harm the Boxster on the track. The Cayenne will be a very performant SUV, no doubt about it. But I guess that Porsche is mainly triggering the sports car owners who already own a sports car and not those who want to replace their sports car with the Cayenne.
    I also might see the possibility that the Cayenne will become the house wife's (or soccer mom as we say ) Porsche, one reason why I think that the Cayenne with the V6 by VW will sell best when it comes to the market.
    I don't think that the Cayenne Turbo is reasonably priced.
    But time will tell and ONLY if quality and performance prove to be very good, the Cayenne will succeed. Time will tell.

    My focus for a new SUV in about two years is now on two products: the upcoming new M-class and the Cayenne Turbo.
    I still think that Mercedes has a lot of resources of building an even more performant SUV than Porsche did but hey, what do I know?!



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