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    Which one?.....

    Out of all the SUV's available on the market, which one would you choose for yourself and why?

    Im coming around to the Cayenne very, very, slowly. The looks to me are like a 996 mixed with an Audi avant of some kind on steroids. The performance sounds great, it's got plenty of room, and it appears to be well built (someone correct me if Im wrong, I don't want to buy bugs!) The ultimate decision maker of course, will be the behind the wheel experience.

    Re: Which one?.....

    I'm not sure what kind of answers you'll get in a Porsche Cayenne Forum but I make a start:
    Cayenne Turbo of course. Why? Because it needs only 20.2 seconds from 0-125 mph, because it handles like a sporty limousine, because it fits my whole family including luggage, because it is a Porsche, because I like the interior very much, because the 4WD system is top class, because PASM is a great thing to have on a SUV and because it runs at almost 170 mph without a problem.
    I don't like how it looks, I don't like fuel consumption but I can live with that.

    Re: Which one?.....

    I'm not sure what kind of answers you'll get in a Porsche Cayenne Forum

    True, true, but I am sure that there are some that post in here that don't have a Cayenne???

    because it runs at almost 170 mph without a problem.

    Well unfortunately I may not be able to realize the full potential of the Cayenne Turbo here in the states, but thats a must mention when trashing someones X5 (hehe )

    I don't like how it looks, I don't like fuel consumption but I can live with that.

    Eighty plus g's is a lot of money to spend on a car your'e not attracted to, but hey it's a Porsche with three extra seats in the back. Fuel consumption can be forgiven provided you have the pocket book to swallow your'e local gas station.

    And correct me if I am wrong, but Porsche has never attempted to name the Cayenne anything other than an SUV, unlike the X5 which is an, ehhm, Sports Activity Vehicle. I have also heard (maybe someone here knows, I will soon know myself) that the Cay's steering is not as good as that of the X5s'.

    Re: Which one?.....

    I have also heard (maybe someone here knows, I will soon know myself) that the Cay's steering is not as good as that of the X5s'.

    I currently have both an X-5 and Cayenne and I think the steering response is very similar. They are both very good. Things like tire size, suspension and power steering options are going to play a role. I have the servotronic steering on the Cayenne and do not have the equivalent on the X-5. Consequently the steering feels lighter on the Cayenne at very slow speeds. Once up to speed though, they feel the same. Our X-5 has the sport suspension and the Cayenne has air.

    Re: Which one?.....

    I have heard from a few freinds that when equipped with air suspension that the car feels inert? Maybe thats why the steering feels lighter as well?

    How big are your wheels?

    Re: Which one?.....


    They did a top speed run in Australia and had 50l/100km, or 5.6 MPG. They said that after 98 miles the refuel light went on.


    I came from an X5 4.4 sport and into a Cayenne Turbo. There is no comparison. I first drove an S and found that pretty equal to the X5, but when I drove the TT, I bought it at the spot.

    You might not get much of a top speed, but the prices are low in the US, if you consider that the Dollar lost 25% of its value in the last year and that Porsche did not raise their prices. Also, gas cost only 1/3 in the States compared to Europe.

    Re: Which one?.....

    Interesting, I have a 4.6. It's lightninig quick and has a really nice exhaust sound that gives me chills every time I accelerate! I don't even get that from my M5!!!

    The Cay TT sounds like a really good next step for me, I would like to see how the 4.8is is in the spring. I don't know how close it will come close to matching the Cay TT for acceleration although I am sure it won't be much slower.

    Cargo space is limited in the X5, I think it might be better in the Cay though?

    Re: Which one?.....

    Cargo space is better but not that much better. On the steering, I had a Cayenne loaner with steel suspension and no servotronic steering and I felt it was very similar to the X-5. The steering weight at slow speeds was the same; pretty stiff. Which is OK, maybe even preferable. I feel certain the difference was the servotronic and not the suspension. On sport setting the air suspension is quite responsive.



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