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    Farewell to the GT2...

    The GT2 is no longer with me!
    Although I really enjoyed it at Imola, I decided to sell it, and am going to Geneva on tuesday to take home a black 360 Modena (the one I had optioned before).
    Plus I am in the process of ordering a Lotus Elise 111S which I will "highly optimize" and use mainly on the track.
    It's been a while since I was thinking about changing the GT2 as some of you know and after testing a race prepped Elise at Imola the thought of having a Modena for normal street use and a stripped out Elise for the track made sense.
    Plus in the meantime I got an extremely good offer for the GT2 and I went for it.
    It will be the first time in 6 years that a 911 is not in my garage!
    Feels very weird...

    Re: Farewell to the GT2...

    Are you in South France around beginning of August?
    With that occasion I could take a GT2 model car with me and use it to hit your bottom ... at least 911 times.

    I still don't understand your decision but I'm sure you listened to your heart and did what you had to do.

    Congrats for the new car ... at least we don't lose you as a Forum member, right?!

    We're awaiting lots of pictures and some driving report ... as soon as you find time.

    Fortunately for me

    I will be in Sardinia or Sicily beg. of august...

    The GT2 has been a fantastic car for me in many ways, maybe not exactly what I expected it to be, but I really enjoyed it the past year (and also used it a lot, since I sold it with more than 17000 km).

    But I think that I made the right decision.

    Time will tell...

    And unfortunately for you, you will not get rid of me in the near future!

    Re: Fortunately for me

    Coward ...

    Or are you just afraid that my ML55 could outrun your 360 Modena? Who knows, maybe this is a camouflaged Cayenne Turbo with 500 HP?

    BTW: shouldn't you sleep right now?!

    Mont Ventoux

    I 'll be around early august, more precisely around Aix En Provence.
    Just a stop over before an italian road trip with my girlfriend.
    Florence, Tuscany, Pisa, Sienna, SanGiminiano, Assisi, Perugia, Cinque Terra, etc. Should be fantastic!!!
    Any scenic roads to suggest guys?
    RC, if you are in near Aix and with your turbo, go for the Mont Ventoux, I did it with my car and a GT2, awesome mountain roads and great scenery, everybody's happy then!!!

    Moment of silence please, NT

    Re: Mont Ventoux

    Francois, unfortunately I'm in South France with my wife, my little kid and ... our ML55. I enjoy the ML a lot but this is not a sports car. One reason why I'm so sceptical towards the Cayenne Turbo ... it might be a great SUV (if not the greatest SUV on this planet) but it is not a sports car.

    About three weeks after I got my 996 Turbo back in june 2000, I did a trip to South France in it. In Monaco, people were gathering around my car and we felt like superstars.
    As I got one of the first cars delivered to customers in Germany, I didn't meet a single 996 Turbo on the Cote d'Azur.
    Was kind of fun to enjoy people starring at us ... I guess there wasn't a more spectacular car by that time.
    Some people even didn't know that Porsche had build a new Turbo and they thought I was driving a prototype.

    I won't forget those guys at a Pizzeria in Frejus/St.Raphael who offered to pay attention to my car while I visited the port. I actually was afraid that they make fun of us but when we returned to the car, they just had yelled to some youngsters who touched our Turbo.
    To make it short: I enjoyed that trip a lot.

    Re: Mont Ventoux

    Must have been cool to get one of the first turbo
    Do you happen to know anyone at Zuffenhausen who can bypass the waiting list for you?
    I love looking at cars myself, either driving or walking, my ears are always wide open and as soon as I see a Porsche, I work out, what model? what color? what options? saw a nice turbo 996 with aerokit the other on champs elysees, unfortunately, like most of the time, the driver lookes like a wanker , the Rolex sticking out of the window, arrogant look, etc. Thank god some of us are still around to keep the passion alive
    Long live Rennteam

    Zuffenhausen and Rolex

    First at all ... most Porsche drivers I know own a Rolex. I'm not kidding.

    Second ... no, I didn't bypass the waiting list ... at least I wasn't aware of it. What happened? I don't know.
    I was the 5th on my dealer's waiting list and I ended up with the first car without even knowing why and how. Funny but you have to believe me ... I'm saying the truth.

    Maybe it has something to do with a problem I had with my previous car, a C4 with powerkit. I made a lot of complaints and finally didn't want to drive that car anymore.

    Whatever the reason was why I got the first Turbo: I'm very thankful to Porsche and to my dealer. Despite my gearbox problems, the Turbo has been the most reliable Porsche I ever owned ... and the fastest and most fascinating one too.

    Re: Zuffenhausen and Rolex

    Congrats Christian!
    I love the turbo too myself, just afraid I would liss the pleasure I get from open top driving in my C4C
    Especially these days when the sun shines and the police is fierce on the road. You can just enjoy cruising when you're driving top down.
    As for the Rolex, I meant no offense at all, is was more a general attitude I was referring too, you know what I mean, the kindda guy that just can't stand being overtaken, etc. etc.etc.
    I said Rolex just bc it is famous but I love them too, I could have said Cartier, Breguet, Patek, etc. the list is long...

    Re: Zuffenhausen and Rolex

    Congrats Christian!
    I love the turbo too myself, just afraid I would miss the pleasure I get from open top driving in my C4C
    Especially these days when the sun shines and the police is fierce on the road. You can just enjoy cruising when you're driving top down.
    As for the Rolex, I meant no offense at all, is was more a general attitude I was referring too, you know what I mean, the kindda guy that just can't stand being overtaken, etc. etc.etc.
    I said Rolex just bc it is famous but I love them too, I could have said Cartier, Breguet, Patek, etc. the list is long...

    Re: You also have to get used to

    the attention you get when you drive your 360 around Milano

    I assume the 360 will be your daily use car with a new track car Elise... I was so suprise you were able to fit into the Elise consider you and I have the same height. Its actually quite embrassing to get in/out the Elise.. I look quite clumsy

    Keep in mind the Elise is very weight sensitive, any kind of weight including a friend in the co-driver seat will change the whole character of the car...

    Luigi ... Lotus alternative?

    Today I spoke to somebody who did a lot of Porsche racing in the past. Talking about this and that, we came to talk about your decision to sell the GT2. He agreed that the GT2 is not the perfect track car because it is heavy and not really very good balanced for track use. When we started to talk about alternatives, he wasn't convinced with the Lotus Elise, not even as a highly modified version. He suggested that a Caterham Super Seven has a better basis for track racing and he also told me that in his eyes, the "best" track car for private drivers would be a Porsche 964 RS. He told me that in some private races he attended, the 964 RS (highly modified of course) was almost always the winner and even outran some GT3 R in private hand.

    I'm not sure why you sold your GT2, Luigi but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have to do solely with the track.
    Or as my father told me in the past: there's always a woman behind all decisions ...

    Re: Luigi ... Lotus alternative?

    But very difficult to drive these 964RS cars..&the most reliable..ask me anything. I still have the 3.8 & the 3.6 RS racing...if you want to be competitive you need at least 3.8l 350-360hp..(from the 3.6)but thats not too difficult.You'll find even lighter 3.8l pistons than the serial 3.6l.The lower part of the engine in RS cars are so good you don't need to do much usually(964 crank cases are still used in the 996turbo if I remember right)..the cars weigh around 1100kg.& with 350hp you'll beat most of the GT3 out there ..but only you need to be an ecxellent driver.For street use I would rather take my bicycle after wife hates these cars period..

    Rolex is like...

    ... a Golf with a HUGE rear wing (if you know what I mean...)

    Re: Mont Ventoux

    Hi Fanch,

    I've just spent a week in Aix! Bad timing... But I'll be in Le Castellet on October 5-7. Any chance to meet you on Oct 5 (Saturday)?

    Re: Mont Ventoux

    Hi Pierre,
    If I'm in France, I'd love too but you never know, I might be in Houston or Cameroon or who knows where, you never know with oil business

    Re: Luigi ... Lotus alternative?

    Christian, the reason why I decided to part from the GT2 is not really easy to explain, it is probably due to the fact that it is not really a track car, but it isn't either an everyday car or a long distance car.
    Its speed is really mind boggling, it accelerates in a way that is very difficult to experience in any other sports car, but if you bring it to a track it is a heavy car to brake, and it doesn't feel very agile, but it does feel very planted, in order to make it really effective on the track many modifications should be made, for weight , suspension set up and tyres.
    For long journeys and high speed highway driving, it is very stable, but the helm is too jumpy and gets distracted by every bump and road undulation, making it not easy to place and always demanding skill and high concentration.
    I still love it so much and letting it go wasn't easy, but bottom line is that it is not entirely what I expected.
    Funny you've mentioned the 964 RS Christian, because it's exactly what I was considering myself.I've always had a soft spot for it, and reckon that it is one of the fastest track day cars of all.
    I will think about it.

    My daily driver will be the Cooper S.
    I had problems getting in and out of the Elise, but once inside, no problem at all!
    You are right, the Ferrari attracts so much more attention than the GT2, today I got stopped by the police 3 times!!!
    And the people don't just look at it they talk to it...

    Re: Rolex is like...

    Exactly what do you mean?

    I think fanch was referring to the type of arrogant people that many times drive sport cars just to show off, saying that they stick out their Rolex was just an example of the showing off attitude, he could have said any other luxury watch company.



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