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    Re: 997 Turbo test in Sport Auto

    VGA18 said:
    For the subject above 250kmh. I agree on Kreso. I am a Gallardo owner and i know new 997TT will be faster than Gallardo untill 200kmh. But when i tested my car the car's acceleration is amazingly shockingly so good after 220-230kmh.I said myself "" 100-180 kmh acc is not so good but after 220-230kmh damn whats happening it is fast"" I can say Gallardo can reach Turbo maybe pass it after 270kmh.
    It is just my oppinion true or not dunno. It must be tested

    The fact that you are impressed by the acceleration of the Gallardo at higher speeds does not imply that it is faster as competing cars, right

    The Porsche does not feel that quick. It not even felt quicker than my old 996TTS. However, when I took some time benchmarks the 997TT gained 5-10 seconds on my 996TTS between 200-305kph (on the speedo)!

    What I am trying to say is: you need to use the stop watch or do a direct comparison to achieve any meaningful results. The numbers and the information I have indicate that the 997TT should be faster than the Gallardo at any speed up to 310kph.

    Re: 997 Turbo test in Sport Auto

    VKSF said:
    MKSGR said:
    VKSF said:
    MKSGR said:
    VKSF said:

    Don't have specific times but have a Lond pal who owns 599, 997TT Tip, SL65 and Enzo...he recently took his cars to a track for some simple msmts....his casual obsvn was that for 100-300KPH accel, Enzo is still king, but then it's 599 and 997TT Tip in a close battle, w/599 edging out 997TT Tip....and SL65 trailing 997TT Tip...

    Very interesting report Pretty much in line with what I would have expected (although it is interesting that the TT Tip offers similar 100-300kph performance as the 599GTB).

    Indeed ....know a few guys getting early 599/997TT/65s in NYC/SF over next few mths....we can do our casual, amateur 100-200KPH tests on local, urban fwys, but we rely on our German pals (or Lond pals visiting the AB) to do 100-300KPH runs...and provide us early feedback on 599, since it sounds like 599 is the car of the season in MC, at least until the 599s head back to rainy Lond/Germany this Fall for proper daily, rain-weather urban "testing"....

    The thing is that I plan to wait until I testdrive the 599GTB (which would also enable me to take some performance figures like 200-300kph etc.). I would like to see clearer when Porsche will introduce the new GT2 and whether it will have PSM. As soon as I have sufficient information on Porsche's product pipeline I will also test the 599 in order to decide which car is best for me.

    I will buy either 997TTx50/GT2 or 599GTB. Not both

    599s must be easy-to-get (and depreciation-prone) in Germany if your dealer has a demo car avail for test drives

    I suspect demo 599s will be rather difficult to find in US ....but early 599 buyers will prob be able to drive their car for a yr for essentially free, given the likely 100% resale value b/c of F's lim US allocs, and will simply get another new F next yr to begin process again ....perversely, some could argue 599 is the "frugal"/sensible/budget-conscious car buyer's choice in US, but one needs real discretionary money to afford those fast-depreciating P/MB in US

    My dealer will manage to give me a test car

    My problem with new cars is: if I get a car without major flaws I have no desire to sell it again after a year. I ususally keep a car for 3-3.5 years, then sell it.

    Today you can be happy if a new car is not flawed...

    It occured more than once that I had to return a new car as I was not satisfied with the build quaility

    Re: 997 Turbo test in Sport Auto

    MKSGR, I'm jealous....your ability to casually get a 599 (if the test-drive proves promising)....and local ABs to routinely, legally test/enjoy 200-300KPH accel.....

    BTW, would observe from my anecdotal surveys of pals who buy several new P/F/MB every yr....quality/reliability of new, tech-intensive P/F/MB is outstanding (esp P/MB) ....and in an era of software-intensive cars, I suspect a car nut has material incentive to get a new car every yr as mfrs will continually make both covert/overt changes/debugs to the various processors/software for F1/Tip/SpeedShift trannies/PASM/ABC suspensions/stab ctrls, etc etc....the era of the digital, networked, annually disposable car....



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