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    Launch party is here tonight!

    We have the release event here tonight, some biggies from Porsche are in town, and the setup began today. Looking good. I sat in the 997S finally, first time. Definitely better in person.

    The Good:
    Rear Fender Hips
    Engine on the S is awesome
    Seats were very comfortable
    Good leather craftsmanship
    Awesome audio, in comparison to past systems

    The Bad:
    Headlights look wrong, still
    19" wheels look like crap
    Window switches are wrong, on driver door
    Center console is too busy
    Rear Center Console is too ugly
    Front end needs more aggressive styling/grille
    Ride height with 19's is silly - at least 2" too high

    The Ugly:
    Steering wheel belongs on a Mini

    Otherwise, a very nice interpretation of the 911. Not for me, very happy I have the '04 C4S Cab. But I'll give them a couple years to get this right. By then, who knows?

    Anyway - here are a few shots of the eye candy everyone is seeing nowadays:

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    Cool pics Eric, thanks .

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    eric, thanks a lot for the pictures

    i agree with your pro's and con's 100%!

    regards, soenke

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    Thanks for the pics Eric, black seems to be my favorite color.

    Man, those bumperettes are absolutely hideous

    I agree, I garantee you that in the facelift, the steering wheel, the gear shift nob, the carreraS wheels, and seat buttons on the driver door are history, along with a sport chrono dash-gauge delete option and new non-smiley face air intakes style on the front bumper

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    ThAnks for these great pictures!!!.
    I also like the 997 in black, it looks amazing!!

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    I think it should be easy to swap the gear shifter with the 996 Alum/leather shifter. Do you think it will fit?

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    Very easy to remove and swap if it fits indeed, but if it doesn't its OK cause a decent shift nob is going to be a very popular and readily available aftermarket accesory for the 997 anyway.

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    Just saw the car, both the 997 and 997S. As everyone says, its beautiful. Both cars had black interiors, one full leather and the other standard. Full leather is very very sharp, but I was pretty impressed with whatever material they are using as the standard interior.

    Sadly, I would add one more to your ugly list - I can't believe the car has PLASTIC handles for the inside door release. I guess this is an aftermarket opportunity, 100% of the new owners will want to upgrade to metal door releases.

    This, of course, is a small nit pick, I'm super happy, and I can't wait for my new 997 to arrive! Dealer says Porsche is keeping the supply tight and that they might move to selling them over MSRP.

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    I bet you also don't like the front more plugs needed.

    The steering wheel is very nice, the only thing I don't like too much is the silver painted plastic. I'm pretty sure that we can expect something different from Exclusive sooner or later.
    The new 19'' Carrera S rims are beautiful, I don't know why some people don't like them. But rims were always a matter of personal taste, so there isn't really much to argue about here.
    I don't understand why the headlights look wrong, maybe a car without any headlights would satisfy you?
    I agree about the window switches, stupid place to put them.
    Or at least they could have made the driver switch larger or the co-driver switch smaller to avoid confusion.
    The more aggressive front end comes with the GT3 and 997 Turbo and the aerokit. Don't forget that many owners will use the 997 as a daily driver, they don't need a street fighter but a classy and elegant (oh boy, I hate using this word for a 911... ) car.
    I also don't understand the complaint about the many buttons, etc. in the centre console, it looks good at one place but I would have preferred again less silver colour, something Exclusive department will take care of...for more money of course.
    I agree regarding the ride height but this seems to be a US market specific problem, not Porsche's problem.
    I just wonder how they could get the GT3/GT2 certified and they can't get a lower chassis for the new 997. The mystery of US laws or maybe Porsche plans the 20 mm chassis option for the US too? I heard that they definetely will offer a sport chassis with the LSD as an option but I don't have a clue about ride height.

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    RC said:
    I bet you also don't like the front more plugs needed.

    I also don't understand the complaint about the many buttons, etc. in the centre console, it looks good at one place but I would have preferred again less silver colour, something Exclusive department will take care of...for more money of course.

    We're going to be taking care of that center console at headquarters. Already have a standing order for that front plate. Painted body color upon request.

    And yeah, I saw that clean bumper. I just hired a team of drill if anyone sees a bunch of guys with power drills near 997's, just back off.

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    Thanks for the photos Eric. I just came back from my dealer's introductory party as well. A very good turn-out, by the way.

    There was a GT-3 beside the 997S that allowed for a good comparison of the front of both cars. Even though the headlights are what we notice at first, I think there is a more fundamental styling change here. The curved hood is part of that deal. Only the Carrera GT and 356 had curved lines on the front of the hood previously. That one change, for me, makes a big difference in how the bumper integrates with the fender. It's now one smooth continuation from bumper to fender so that they seem as one piece with the headlights being part of that piece. And the hood now stands out as it's own element where previously it was dominated and defined by the headlights, fender and bumper.

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    So I guess I missed the launch event tonight . I don't know why I thought it is going to be on Saturday the 28.

    Damn, I'm getting disconnected from all these events. I already missed the Vanquish S deal . I think I'm coming down with Alzheimer.

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    Thanks for the great pictures. I am assuming that most of the launch 997S are non metallic Black with PCCB rather than Basalt Black metallic. It certainly seems that way in the photos. Is that correct? RC, is that the same with your 997S?

    Re: Launch party is here tonight!

    Nice pic! 997 will also launch in HK on 9thSep. Seems it's a bit late.



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