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    TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    I have a 2006 Carrera 4S with TPMS and I would like to get some Champion Motorsport wheels. Anyone knows if I can transfer the TPMS wheel sensors from the Carrera S 19" wheels to the Champion Motorsport wheels?

    Many thanks!

    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    I have Champion RS97's on a C4S coupe - the OEM TPM sensors work just fine.

    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    Many thanks for your input.

    I am also considering the RS97, great minds think alike! I assume you went for the 19x8.5" and 19x11.5"?

    One more question: will the stock Porsche wheel centre caps fit?

    Thanks again.....

    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    Stock center caps fit no problem. I went with 8 in front and 11 in rear - offsets were the deciding factor for me. The 235 F and 305 R fit just fine. No spacers in front but used the Porsche 5mm spacer in rear - both wheels fill up the wheel well just fine.

    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    jhbrennan said:
    I have Champion RS97's on a C4S coupe - the OEM TPM sensors work just fine.

    What is OEM?

    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    997GT3RS said:
    What is OEM?

    OEM means "Original equipment manufacturer." People use the term OEM loosely to mean the original equipment on something, but it doesn't really mean that.

    It really means that a company is the manufacturer of a product for another company. Company X may build a "thing" that Company Y sells as their own.

    I think in this case the OP meant, does the factory installed TPMS work with tires other then those supplied by Porsche.

    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    997GT3RS said:

    What is OEM?

    Original Equipment Manufacturer.

    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    In my case OEM meant Porsche TPM sensors - I should have been clearer.

    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    I just changed my wheels and put the sensors and required valve stems it should cost you about $160 per wheel to do.

    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    Same here...I recently put 19 inch Champion wheels and my sensors work just fine.

    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    Hello everyone. I just put on a new set of F110's the other day and used the previous TPMS sensors (from OEM sprot design wheels). The car is a 997S that has under 3k miles. I had the original pirelli's mounted and balanced at the shop.

    After driving for about 10 miles, an error occurred that indicated that I have new wheels and they need to be configured. After a reset (motor off and restart), I got a light that said it was learning. I then went to the TPC settings and reset, but nothing changed. I now have the yellow error light (crest shape) and a red (vertical) bar error on my tachometer.

    I am new to p-cars and took the day off to drive 50 miles to get these put on. It would be a pain to have to drive all the way back to fix.

    Has this ever happened to anyone? Any suggestons?

    btw.. This is a duplicate post from another forum that is burried deep in F110 pic's thread. I hope this isn't bad form. I'm just a bit annoyed that I spent all the time and $$ to do this and now this error...


    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels


    I have TPMS too. Don't worry. This is normal.

    When you change a wheel or a tyre, the system takes a short while to 're-learn' the wheels.

    Read pgs 112, 115 and 128 of the 2006 US Carrera owners manual. It explains this.

    Just give it a few miles. You'll find that the TPMS display in the on-board computer display shows the correct tyre pressures within some miles (usually less than 3-5 miles).

    Re: TPMS and aftermarket wheels

    Hi current47,

    In my case when I changed the tires, I got the "new tires need to be configured" message.

    What I needed to do is simply enter the RDK (TMPS) settings on the On Boar Computer with the steering stalk, and confirm the diameter of the wheel (19" in my case). That was all and the message was gone.

    I think it just so that if you change tires, you need to tell the RDK if they are still same diameter or not (like winter tires) to be able to function correctly.

    Like MMD says, the first time its set, it will take little while to start to get a reading.



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