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    Color Option Questions

    Car is ordered but can be changed...just

    Seal Gray + Stone Gray interior

    Could order standard 19" wheels but painted Seal Gray (anyone have pics of this?)

    Or just go for straight Carrera Classics 19"

    Could get the rear center console painted in Seal Gray (again anyone have pics to share?)


    Le Chef

    Re: Color Option Questions

    center console painted looks great, painted wheels, eh . subjective.

    definitely go for the carrera classic wheels though. much better than stock.

    Re: Color Option Questions

    Le Chef, Just to confuse you even more I like the stock wheels better but that's just me. It also resembls C2S. I was in the same shoes but decided to stay with the std wheel. The classic wheel been around a while and probably time for change

    Re: Color Option Questions

    Hey Le Chef:

    Congrats!! A fellow Chicagoland 997(S) owner! Just my 2 cents, but the painted wheels look a bit overdone. The painted center console is nice. I love the seal grey. Very elegant. Stone grey is also very nice. I had it in my Cayenne TT...before having to trade it in...

    Re: Color Option Questions

    Le Chef said:
    Could order standard 19" wheels but painted Seal Gray (anyone have pics of this?)

    Seal grey coloured standard rims should look like this:

    Re: Color Option Questions

    If you have a dark (slate, seal...) gray Porsche, you MUST order the painted rims. They look absolutely stunning.

    However, I much prefer the Carrera Classics wheels to the stock ones. Since the Classics cannot be painted, problem solved.

    As for the colored center/rear console, it only makes sense if you want to have a contrast with the interior color IMHO. Which won't be the case if you go for a gray/gray combo.
    So, go for a leather console instead (looks much better than the stock plastic one).

    Re: Color Option Questions

    Of the three the stock wheels are my least favorite. Why? because I think they will turn out to be duds lookswise in a few years. I've been looking at them for several months and they haven't gotten one bit prettier to my eye. So the question becomes:painted classics OR silver carerras? carerras are modern looking and simply impressive, classics are alot of metal and that metal will be downplayed by the paintjob. Seems more logical that all that metal should glitter more. They refer to the old wire wheels, chrome wires were really something to see. grey painted wire wheels weren't much to look at by comparision. I wonder if the sport classics would have the same effect (painted to body color, vs. silver)

    Painted console is for stripped-down roadsters, not GT cars.

    Black interiors I have seen are pretty light black anyway. Interior isn't THAT attractive; it's bizzy and lots of loose ends stylewise (esp. clutter of center console) making it grey just brings it out even more.

    More to think about...



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