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    Upsolute Chip Tuning

    Anyone tried the Absolute Chip Tuning. Posted results look
    almost to good to be true. Cost in my area is around $750.00

    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    Someone told me that is dangerous to upgrade de ecu of a 997.If you have a car with turbo is the best choice to obtain this's safe to do this upgrade if you have X51 in your car.

    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    for chip tunning, I would suggest spend the money to really trust the name brand company, for 997 I would only trust those directly from Germany. I think they would have the inside connection with the factory people. My last chip tunning ended up with a badly missed fired motor...
    Plus, according to the UPsolute web, I would agree with you about costing USD750 for 30bph upgrade is too good to be true. I think the chip tuning should only be done along with intake and exhaust mods while taking before and after measurments to get proper results. So if you copunt in the intake and exhaust parts, it can easily go pass the $750 mark. I think the &750 is just to get you into the door. Not the entire picture

    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If it was that easy to gain 30hp, why didn't those silly porsche engineers just do that rather than the x51?

    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    What do you guys think of Powerchip?

    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    powerchip is not for porsche.

    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    I don't think it is either, but I keep getting mailings from them over their new chips for 987/997

    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    They are just looking for some sucker buyers

    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    i have to say i have one upsolute on my audi TT 1.8T 225 HP and i gained 23 HP.I have never noticed anything wrong with the car.The acceleration is faster at low rpm but at higher rpm you have to use the next gear.

    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    C4S Surgeon said:
    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If it was that easy to gain 30hp, why didn't those silly porsche engineers just do that rather than the x51?

    I can answer that one quite easily.

    The X51 has to work in a variety of conditions worldwide under a wide variety of extremes. It must also be reliable and work under a considerable variety of fuel qualities. (i.e. someone who lives in dubai and uses dubious quality fuel needs far more tolerance for to resist detonation than do I in England)

    Furthermore, each engine is slightly different and some engines will produce more power than others if mapped 'individually'.

    The Skyline I had before my 997 was taken from a generic mapping to a specific 'mapped for my engine alone' mapping. That was programmed to run only on high grade fuel (98 Octane), and had no extra tolerance for high temperatures or extremely cold ones. (We don't have them in the UK!).

    The end result was fantastic. The difference in purely a change of mapping amazed me. I couldn't believe it would make that much difference.

    (What makes it a slightly unfair comparison is that in my case, they actually removed the ECU, threw it in a box, and put a higher spec fully programmable one in its place)

    That having been said.. I would not let anyone do this to my new 911. I have also heard more horror stories on this subject than success stories like mine above.

    Also 30bhp does sound a little on the optimistic side!


    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    How about flashloading from EVO? What I have heard from the Porsche Tech is that it is reversible and it is almost undetectable if you are bringing it to the service department.

    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    drbf said:
    Anyone tried the Absolute Chip Tuning. Posted results look
    almost to good to be true. Cost in my area is around $750.00

    ECU tuning on non-turbo charged cars is a very dumb thing to do. With a proper programming, high flow cars and a well adapted exhaust system incl. special exhaust manifolds and a better air distribution (sport airfilter, modified airbox), you'll be lucky if you gain 20-25 HP. Everything over this gain is A. a lie or B. a bad programming which will harm your engine in the end. Not recommended I'm afraid. And a little hint: there is no "undetectable" chip tuning, in case of a warranty claim, you may be in serious trouble.

    Re: Upsolute Chip Tuning

    totally agree on everything RC said, PLUS he is 100% in the detection of chip tuning

    These guys can spot much more things than we can imagine



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