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    Why Rennteam differentiates from other Porsche forums

    i believe, that this subject, might been mentioned before.
    Despite of this, i feel for some time now that i should mention it loud..

    Im my mind the bigest differentiation that Rennteam provides is the-thank god-abscence of DEALERS,SELLERS,PORSCHE AFFILIATES,AFTER SALES PARTS,MODERS etc...

    This helps the forums, quality through the honest responses of its members..


    A poster in another forum asks:

    Can i retrofit shorter springs in my car??
    Will it affect my daily driving confort?
    will i have problems?
    will i loose clearance??


    YES YOU can
    no clearance problems
    no stiffer ride
    just better confort and ride together!!!!!!!!

    PS: Contact me to get a really nice price

    Okey its not bad to say your opinion,
    its not bad to report your experience, EVEN, if its not correct or objective..
    its even okey to sell something, helping in a way yourself and others
    to get something in lower price,or quicker...

    BUT, replying and saying your opinion,while having in mind your inventory
    is not a good thing for a forum...

    I myself have come acrrose this dilemma of changing springs with PASM for example, BUT i know the disadvantages.

    Nevertheless, in some cases, the responses one gets are CORRECT and TRUE, but most of the times are only PROFIT-oriented and guided

    This is an example and i m sure many of you have come accross many examples in different forums...
    This can help a lot a Porsche owner, to be misleaded and follow the wrong way

    THE ABSENCE of such examples in this forum, have made me a resident here, and at the same time i only "pay a visit" rarely to other forums...

    So , the bottom line is that here, there is a breed of honesty, between members, that help each one, learn and evolve, rather than having
    DEALERS-TRADERS making money..and owners on the opposite, getting misleaded..

    I wish not to state that this FORUM is the BEST and ALL others are crap.
    BUT i wish to point out this benefit that i find crucial during my readings here...

    Nevertheless i believe we could have a small section
    for buy/sell parts or even cars

    BUT from rennteam members ONLY that are not professional dealers etc...

    these are my 2 cents..

    Re: Why Rennteam differentiates from other Porsche forums

    I totally agree with you. That's why I like rennteam so much more than others!



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