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    Anti Garage-Queen 997 pictures

    Hello everyone, I'am fairly new to Rennteam (this is my first topic) and I must say, there is no better Porsche board out there.
    Congrats to the ones that make this place so special (RC,Carlos,Fanch,...)

    Now the subject of my topic, I think of Porsches as anti-garagequeen cars (unlike Ferrari), and I think most of you guys will agree so when I looked at all your 997 pictures I had to conclude (is this an English word?) that there's a serious lack of 'I use my Porsche for what it's designed for' pictures. With that i mean, pictures of your car all dirty from driving in the rain, the rims all black with brakedust (not possible for those with PCCB i noticed ), etc, etc...

    Hope you guys don't think of this as a useless topic.

    Re: Anti Garage-Queen 997 pictures

    Hello everyone,

    my first post as well, here are some pics from this years gumball showing the owners clearly used the car the way it's supposed to be used:



    Re: Anti Garage-Queen 997 pictures

    I wish I took a picture of my car before last weekend. It was the first time I had washed it since I got it over six months ago.

    Re: Anti Garage-Queen 997 pictures

    Washin' takes too much time out of drivin'

    Re: Anti Garage-Queen 997 pictures

    Thank you for the response, this topic is going the right way!

    Don't you think a dirty Porsche has more charm to it then one properly cleaned?
    It has more character, it laughs at all those clean Ferrari's and says, look they use me!!!
    (slightly exagerated)

    Re: Anti Garage-Queen 997 pictures

    Porker :
    Having my car since 2 days, I must apologise : it isn't dirty enough yet to merit a place here.

    But I promise I'll do my best to make it dirty as soon as possible.
    Fortunately, I think it will not be too difficult : it is a basalt black one...

    Re: Anti Garage-Queen 997 pictures

    Cartouge, exactly the same situation here, but its getting there

    Re: Anti Garage-Queen 997 pictures

    To me, when I have the time I keep it clean. Same principle as a clean room. If you like being neat and tidy so will your car be just my opinion! plus it's a brand new car, so why not take care of in it's prime

    Des: The gumballers don't have time to stop over for a wash, they are driving most of the time

    Re: Anti Garage-Queen 997 pictures

    Only got a black 987 S Boxster but you should have seen her today. Nasty weather overall and lots of mud around while I explored the countryside. Tried to dodge a pot hole on a small road and went offroad with one half of the car. Rims covered under two inches of dirt and the whole car muddy, up to the windows. Just rinsed her off in the evening to ensure no scratches etc. but I wondered what people were thinking when I returned to the city and cruised through London in a roadster that looked like I should have bought a Cayenne instead.

    Re: Anti Garage-Queen 997 pictures

    Mike S said:
    Des: The gumballers don't have time to stop over for a wash, they are driving most of the time

    Yeah I know, although I remember one of them telling he cleaned his car in Dubrovnik



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