Guys what do you think? I just went up on Renntech site and i got an idea.... Instead of E55 which costs damn alot! In Canada since i'm converting US currency to Canadian i'm overpaying like a good 35 US thousands, I could get Slightly used 03 or 04 CLK500 and then Tune it with renntech... here's the numbers!

There's many pakages for it but i take the most fastest ones.
Performance pakage 3.

Low boos supercharger kit with intercooler.

443hp @ 5750 with 447 lbs-ft @ 2400-5000
thats not very much pricey compared to this.

Performance pakage 4!!!! now check this out!
5.5 liter conversion with high boos supercharger & intercooler.

and get this lol
530 hp @ 5800 with 548 lbs-ft @ 2400 - 5000 Now that very fast!

But pakage #4 is kinda pricey, BUT overall its gonna be cheaper then E55 like 20 k and one of a kind too!

If i do pakage # 3 although its not as fast, there's enough money for brakes suspension interrior exterrior CLK DTM widebody?!... If i'll do #4 I'll be able do brakes with suspension and few small things thats about it, but great performance.

Or should i get E55 lol and shut the hell up?

what do you think?