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    Spyder RS Engine will be for ??

    So, over the last few iterations, Porsche created the 959 supercar which was a supreme evolution of the 911, the GT1 which was a homologation for the various GT series and LeMans, the Carrera GT which was basically a road legal version of a cancelled LeMans project, and now we have the Syder RS racing here in the states in ALMS and surprisingly in it's 3rd year, the V8 powered machine and really kicking ass and even taking overall wins over LMP1 machines!

    It's about to jump across to pond and start racing in the Euro LeMans series with driver restriction b/c the series is afraid the car will dominate in the hands of an all-pro team.

    So my question is this ... with the CGT done, do you think the Spyder RS will be water down as the basis for the next P Supercar?

    Do you think its V8 engine will make it into the often rumored 944 rebirth?

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ??

    just a small correction: second year (not 3rd year)
    The Spyder was introduced just for 1 race at the end of 2005.
    It's first season was 2006 and 2007 is its second season.

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ??


    So, what does anyone think? 151 views and no one has an opinion?

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ??

    I think one thing is for certain. Porsche will find a way of making money off the engine/drive train system and anything else developed for the RS Spyder. I can't say when, but that is Porsche's history. It could be in a mid-engined road car (a successor to the 911, as some on this site have predicted).


    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ??

    Jim, you bring up and interesting point.
    So, what does this mean? Will we finally see an end to the 911 or at least the rear engined 911.

    I mean in all reality, everyone including Porsche realizes that have 40% of your mass over the rear axle just isn't smart or exactly good for performance.

    I think the engineers have absolutely exhausted all the suspension geometry trickery they could to get the thing to handle as neutral as possible, but even then, going over a bump there's nothing more disconcerting than watching a 911 nose bobble up and down ...

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ??

    As in the other post, I am in complete agreement with you Heist.
    I think that one of the reasons we are seeing so many different models coming from Porsche, is because they are creating an environment that will enable them to ween themselves off the heavy reliance that they have had on the 911 as it is.
    I'm not sure that they are going about it in the best way, but that is another story.
    Also - I think that there might always be a type of 911, I'm just not sure it will remain the flag ship.

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ??

    Agreed. I think the 911 will always be their "bread and butter" model, much like the F150 is to Ford, but in the future there will be a new halo model that overides the TT and possibly GT3R.

    I mean just think if they made a Panamerica 2-Door Sports coupe...Yikes!

    Also, the 911 has no choice but to go mid-engine to keep up with the new crop of challengers. There's no more space to add 2 more cyclinders. You can't add weight back there either.
    And hell, Porsche purposely cripples the Cayman and Boxster because they can take the 911 to task in their unhindered forms.

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ??

    The only thing that bothers me is that we see 2 mid engined models being clearly positioned below the 911 (in terms of price and power) and then we see two models (Cayenne -S an Turbo- and Panamera)being positioned much closer to the 911.
    From the outside, it looks like Porsche seems to be investing more in the front engine/rear drive/AWD option than it is in the mid engine option.

    It just seems strange to me.



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