With all the Euro regulations and enviro issues, we see many Japanese mobiles like Lexus coming out with Hybrids and I think Porsche will have one soon. My friend said he would wanna wait till 2008 for the hybrid version to come out. I wonder what owners think about this plan? We all wanna love our planets but would it be just another hype (I caution my friend about it) like the American Electronic Vehicles? Would it be a fad and die down cos it has no proven long term track records (for e.g., while it's working fine now there might be bigger problems down the line performance wise or premature vehicle parts wearing or facts like it really isn't helping fuel saving that much?)

When it idles I understand it should use electric and performance SHOULD NOT BE AFFECTED indeed improved the last time I read it on the RX 350.

I wonder if I will live to see the days of the debut of a hybrid or electric 911 in another 60 years time since Tesla already has one.