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    RC - 996 Gears

    RC, do you know if 993 Turbo gears fit in the 996 Turbo transmission?

    Re: RC - 996 Gears

    Please specify what you mean by gears.

    Re: RC - 996 Gears

    I think the final drive ratio is the same between the 996 Turbo and the 993 Turbo, as is the 1st gear ratio. But the remaining gears ratios are different.

    I know gear ratios are engineered to work with the engine's power curve, but it looks like a 996 Turbo with the 2nd and 3rd gears from a 993 Turbo would have better acceleration in those gears.

    Re: RC - 996 Gears

    Yes, you're right. The first gear ratio and the final gear ratio are the same on both the 996 Turbo and 993 Turbo.
    If I take a short look at the 996 C4, the first gear ratio and the final gear ratio is the same too. And the 996 C4 gearbox doesn't have much in common with the 996 Turbo's and especially 993 Turbo's gearbox. I wouldn't read too much into it.
    The gears 2-5 have been enforced on the 996 Turbo gearbox, using the 993 Turbo parts might not be a good idea. Some Tuners offer different gear ratios which are actually good (strong) enough for the 996 Turbo but without adapting the Motronic to it (power/torque curve), it can harm your gearbox and even your engine. One reason why most people change the gear ratio of the 6th gear to obtain a higher top end, Porsche did exactly the contrary with the X50 to avoid higher speeds and to obtain a better high speed acceleration. Changing the final gear ratio might be a possibility too but I personally wouldn't do that because it can create severe problems too.
    cjv did some changes to his gear ratio and I think he adapted the power/torque curve to it. Not sure about it, maybe you should ask him. Send him a private mail through, I'm sure he'll read it. If not, he might read this post and answer to it.
    I guess I know what you have in mind and it is actually good thinking. But if you want to get perfect results, just changing the gears won't do the job.
    I'll meet on Monday with somebody who is a pro in such things and maybe he can give me some answers/hints.

    Re: RC - 996 Gears

    Thanks in advance RC.

    I'm not interested in top end performance, and 1st gear in the 996 Turbo is a great pulling gear already. I am looking at slightly better performance in 2nd and 3rd without doing any engine modifications (including the ECU).

    When I looked at the 993 Turbo gears I noticed 2nd and 3rd gears were better than the 996 Turbo. Since these 993 gears are not a "major" departure from the same gears in the 996 TT, I think maybe replacing the stock 996 Turbo 2nd and 3rd gears with 993 Turbo 2nd and 3rd gears might work well without any ECU modifications. Maybe

    Re: RC - 996 Gears

    You'll get a precise answer on this Monday evening.

    Re: RC - 996 Gears ... update

    It is possible but not necessarily recommended.
    ECU should be adapted to the changed gears, otherwise engine and drivetrain/gearbox can be damaged.

    Re: RC - 996 Gears ... update

    Thanks RC.



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