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    Prodrive boss in helicopter scare!

    24 hours after former World Rally Champion Colin McRae was killed, Prodrive chief David Richards survived a helicopter crash when returning from the Belgian Grand Prix.

    Richards, McRae's former boss at Subaru WRT, was returning to Essex in the UK from Spa Francorchamps with his wife when the helicopter he was piloting suffered a fault.

    They crash-landed in a field and the aircraft turned onto its side, but police confirmed that Richards - to take his Banbury-based outfit into Formula One next year - and his wife Karen 'walked out of the wreckage'.

    They were treated for shock but unhurt, according to BBC reports.

    "David and Colin were great friends and it's an amazing coincidence that this has happened," a Prodrive spokesman said. "We are just thankful he and Karen are okay."

    Re: Prodrive boss in helicopter scare!

    Damn, dude what is it with those choppers lately.
    (just watched "Blackhawk down" on TV, BTW)

    Re: Prodrive boss in helicopter scare!

    janus said:
    Damn, dude what is it with those choppers lately.
    (just watched "Blackhawk down" on TV, BTW)

    Helicopters are to aircraft what motorcycles are to automobiles - you have to constantly work to keep them flying - they are inherently unstable and much more prone to accidents than fixed-wing planes

    Re: Prodrive boss in helicopter scare!

    Agree...copters are reputedly unstable/unsafe....

    But in high-congestion regions like London/NYC, many guys opt for copters to more quickly get to their G550 at the airport....or for quick jaunts like Manhattan to Hamptons on summ wkends; or from nearest airport into MC when surface roads are congested....

    Copters offer a time/safety tradeoff vs sitting in traffic in back of an S65 w/a competent driver....interestingly, the cars many affluent use to pick them up from their relatively safe, latest-tech G550 (w/expcd, competent pilot crews) are often (in US) rather dubious-safety Lincolns, typically w/a rent-a-driver w/a dubious driving record (and many of the car svc cars in ex-US aren't new S65 w/a carefully screened/chosen driver either)....

    Darwinian selection often prevails, esp when guys w/resources place poor risk/reward bets re: safety of their air/ground transport choices....

    Re: Prodrive boss in helicopter scare!


    did you make a comparison of helicopter vs S65 AMG.

    You must be real a Mercedes fan



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