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    Re: Parking - How do you park your baby?

    1080iAddict said:
    I've been reading this thread with interest. Here is my story.

    When I go to my gym, I always park far away from the entrance at the top row of cars for the reasons described in this thread. Typically there are many open spots up there and nobody parks in the spaces immediately next to my 997. Other nice cars, other p-cars, etc. park up there too.

    So one night on a weekend I get to the gym late. There is almost nobody in the lot - maybe 30 or so cars - so parking where I usually park would leave literally 50 spaces open between my car and the next car. So I decide to park closer. I leave 10 spaces between myself and the next car. The gym closes in 2 hours so I make a judgment call that a sudden rush of gym rats will not happen given the timing.

    I work out and go to the parking lot 1.5 hours later and you can guess what I see. A crapbox 80's piece of %$#@ is parked right next to me - on the passenger side - right up on the paint line and there are 9 spaces open between our 2 cars to the left and 49 spaces open to the right. The crapbox has no hubcap on one wheel. My jaw is somewhat open as I see this as I walk toward the car. When I get closer, sure enough I see there is a 50's year old 'bag lady' woman inside that car. I usually open the passenger side door to place my gym bag in the car but she is way too close. I try to get her attention subtly to let her know I am there so as to be careful, in a way that would not be obnoxious whereas she did nothing technically 'wrong' yet other than park like an [censored].

    She does not look up. So I decide to get the hell out of there asap. As I am about to open my driver side door, she opens her door and as she is getting out sure enough she moderately 'taps' my passenger door with her door. I immediately yell "hey...hey...hey" just like that and she looks at me and says 'sorry' and almost does it again as she continues to get out. I immediately walk over to see if there is a ding. She says "I really try to be careful" and on the tip of my tounge I am about to say "well, b!tch i think you are full of %$#@ because if that were true you would not be parked next to my arse" but I stay silent (because for all I know she is a member of the gym and she'll see my car again - - if I am too rude I would invite the 'key' one day). I see there is no ding at all (thankfully) and say "HAVE A NICE DAY MA'AM" quite sternly and she looks at me and repeats "sorry" and I repeat my phrase again as I bite my tounge. I then drive to a brighter spot to again look for a ding and find nothing.

    Still, its unreal - - people really do seek you out and park as close as possible, either purposefully or through sheer ignorance.

    Addict, I feel your pain brother. That type of senario I've seen too many times, and I'm paranoid because of it.

    Back when I had my '93 RX-7 I went to this small shopping center about an hour before closing. There is a main lot, an underground lot, and for those willing to walk, there's a third lot with about 100 spaces, two rows facing opposite each other, 99 of which were empty at that time. The one and only vehicle parked in that lot was a late 60's station wagon in reasonable condition, looked to me like a restoration project and the owner also wanted a 'safe' place to park. I parked about four spaces away, on the opposite row. I remember walking away telling myself "I chose wisely...."

    Low and behold I return to my baby only to find the other vehicle has left, and center section of my tailights (dark clear plastic section) are in peices on the ground

    I figured out because of where the lot's exit was located, and how the spaces were angled, he backed out and turned his car the wrong way to get to the exit quicker instead of looping around to the exit the right way. In doing so, it lined him up perfectly with the back of my RX-7. Did he leave a note to say he was sorry, here's the insurance policy number? Of course not.

    That was about ten years ago, but it still pisses me off like it happened yesterday. I have to admit that I unwittingly remind myself of that experience each and everytime I look to park my 997

    Re: Parking - How do you park your baby?

    Another nightmare are the business parking lots , see one due put his briefcase's on the car next to his one , classic..

    And what about women with those flaming metal shopping trolleys , they dont return them , they simply leave them up against another vehicle so it wont roll away , and if they scratch the bodywork they turn around and say ""that'll polish out"" , sweet ..


    Re: Parking - How do you park your baby?

    we have to ask ourselves one question...
    when is the PMFF going to be an option?
    Porsche Magic Force Field

    Re: Parking - How do you park your baby?

    I had to park today near a hardware store, and there was a guy who cleans cars for shoppers. He's not affiliated with the store, but the car park is his 'territory'. So I call him up and give him a tip and ask to watch out for my car.

    He then directs a driver to park his car with a distance of 1.5 meters away from my car (I'm right next to the wall). This distance would prevent anyone from squeezing between both cars. I was impressed with his problem-solving skills.

    Morale: if there is anyway to have a 'guardian' over your car, then a tip is worth it, imho.

    Re: Parking - How do you park your baby?

    It is always a problem. I have been trying these large plastic magnetic strips and put them on the sides of my car when I cannot park really away from others. You know the little advertisement plastic magnets signs you attach to your refrigerator with name of ambulance companies, pizza places, or what ever on them. They are made about 1.3 by 3 inches in size. Well there is a company at that makes these strips in big wide sheets. I keep them in back seat and pull them out and place them on the side of car. The dingdefender is wide, come in custom colors, and can be cut to fit. It does not seem to scratch surface. Anyway, when you have to park in the real world, it's just an idea. Before this I used a suction cup attachment plastic sheet (non-magnetic), but when one of the cups left go it would swing against the car surface...Bad idea. ding ding ding

    Re: Parking - How do you park your baby?

    If you think car park dings are bad you should see some of the "parking" that goes on in the marina where we keep the boat!
    A 40ft boat and no can never have too many fenders!
    Come to think of it, maybe that's what we need , p-car fenders to leave on the car?

    Re: Parking - How do you park your baby?

    About a month ago, I was at a Bank of America and pulled into a spot where there was a car on my left and a small empty space to my right. On the other side of that empty space was a flower bed. As I'm walking away, a huge new H2 pulls in and tries to cram into that tiny space to my right. The guy was half way into the flower bed. By this time, I'm heading back to my car to move and the parking attendant actually came over and told the guy to find a space he could fit in. The guy looked at me and the attendant like we were the a**holes.

    Re: Parking - How do you park your baby?

    Far away as possible...

    I think in the Bay Area my car is more likely to a get dent than be stolen.. So i park as far away as possible...

    drive on

    Re: Parking - How do you park your baby?

    I try to park next to another Porsche or nice car. Fortunately, there are lots of them where I live. I circle and circle around the parking lot trying to pick the nicest car t park next to - definitely not next to a banger.

    Re: Parking - How do you park your baby?

    john999s said:
    Doesn't matter where you park. Some b*std comes and parks next to you.

    Boy, is that the truth!!! I have handicapped plates on mine--legitimately, as I need a cane to walk since birth--and every once in awhile some inconsiderate person will park in the adjacent lined out space which is meant to allow room for the disabled (especially those in wheel chairs) to get in and out of their cars. Some folks are clueless



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