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    New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    After a long series of 911s, culminating in an 03 Turbo, I traded in the TT on a six speed 360 Rosso Fiorano/Cuoio. Although Porsche-less for the first time in many years, the Ferrari is a blast.

    I know that the data show the Turbo as quicker/faster, but for real world use the 360 feels quicker, faster and, significantly, more 'live'.

    I am considering installation of a Tubi. Is there any power gain, or is it simply a sound enhancement.

    Thanks in advance for any information.

    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    I just took arrival of a new Maserati Coupe last Wednesday and had a Tubi exhaust installed. Since the engine is similar, I thought I'd throw in my reply. I do definitely like the sound better than stock - more throaty at lower rpm's and a great whine as the revs grow. However, my understanding is that the Tubi is mainly a sound device and there's very little HP increase (if any).

    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    Maybe you should search our archives on the TUBI. There already has been an extensive discussion about this exhaust.

    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    Andrew - GET the Tubi!!! on the 360 Modena, it sounds sensational - in fact its a MUST - I can't believe Modena owners who DON'T get one!
    If you want some videos or advice then drop me a line at

    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    Andrew, as you are reading these words you are wasting very precious seconds that add up to the time in which your 360`s sound still had some connection with a street car`s...
    So give Scuderia a call and make your 360 sing!
    And if you want the raw race car motion picture soundtrack, order the straight test pipes also, but only if you are very brave (insane)...

    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    i love the tubistyle's sound as well... awesome, no doubt

    but what about the ferrari factory warranty? if i get a new car from ferrari, will the aftermarket tubistyle exhaust make me some difficulties if e.g. there's a fatal engine failure?

    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    well, what I know is that there aren't any problems with warranty when installing an approved (like TÜV in Germany) aftermarket exhaust system on your car. Most people I know have a new sports car with TUBI/Fuchs/Kelleners/.... exhaust, and all of them let their cars check at official dealers. I don't think there are any warranty limitations like when installing a power chip e.g.

    Nobody told me about a problem until now.


    going to take a test listen tomorrow

    Am not concerned about warranty; it is the local Ferrari store that is pushing the purchase. They say its about $4700 USD, installed, including air filters. This is for the 'normal' version (sorry Luigi!)

    Please post impressions tomorrow!!!


    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    Andrew, here's a link to a short video showing a 993 Turbo equipped with a TUBI. Thanks to Manu for providing the video.

    I don't know if this helps much (the 993 Turbo has a flat six engine with twin turbos) but anyway...

    993 TT with Tubi Video (short, only around 300 kB)

    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    Will this be the best Tubi Hp gain setup for modena?
    1.Sport Manifolds
    2.Test Pipes or Silenced Test Pipes
    3.Air Filters
    4.Sport exhaust


    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    First thing - Andrew that is a rip-off price - you really ought to contact me you know

    First thing you ought to know, which Luigi, as a customer and friend, will know all to well is that de-catting your 360 Modena with a set of Test Pipes makes a BIBLICAL difference to the volume.

    The standard Tubi configuration (air filters + tubi sport silencer) is nothing but how the car SHOULD sound - like a proper Ferrari.
    But running test pipes makes an almighty difference - the car now SCREAMS..... it's basically an unsilenced set-up down to the the small Tubi silencer... It an extreme set up and Luigi is pretty extreme himself and even he thought he *may* be a little too much.....
    However in de-catting the car, you also massively reduce backpressure allowing for an no insignificant top end HP gain -on F355s this runs to around ~20hp so on 360s we advise people of a 25hp gain - there is a very slight loss in low-down torque too....

    Unless you LOVE F1 sound and will not use the car as a daily driver for commuting - I would advise to stay away from Test Pipes. If you're going for the sport manifolds however then you MUST run test pipes otherwise the backpressure reduction from getting Manifolds will not be exploitable - exhaust flow will now be bottlenecking at the cats.....

    Incidentally we found that "silenced" test pipes don't really work that well. (and they're more pricey too)

    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    Ok, I'm going to get flamed, but do you guys think that de-catting is a clever move? Yeah, I know, a few sports cars driving around with no cat won't do a huge difference on the planet's pollution, but it's the principle...
    (I just had to mention it.)

    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    I thought about that too Pierre, that`s why when I removed the cats to the Modena I decided to quit smoking...

    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    The reduction of pulling power at low revs is almost unnoticeable, and takes place very low, below 3000 rpms.
    Through the mid range the delivery is silky smooth without the two small steps present in the stock set up.
    At high rpms you can really feel a slight power gain, but really it`s the noise that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!
    It really is Formula 1 sound, words just can`t describe it.
    Just to let you know the microphone for the audio of my Monza clips was inside the cokpit with both windows closed!
    My set up, as Manu said, is REALLY extreme volume-wise, although I feel it`s perfect for me now (was a little concerned the day I installed it) I think it`s too much for 99% of the people.

    Anyway Andrew, before you make any decision, you should give Manu a call, not only is he the biggest expert on earth concerning every musical nuance a different set up might make, his prices are also very competitive.

    Thanks, I will contact Manu directly.

    Enthusiastic as you are Luigi, I would enjoy improved sound, but dont think I'm ready for the full-on treatment.

    One more


    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    In reply to:
    [...] when I removed the cats to the Modena I decided to quit smoking...

    whahaha!... Ok, ok... I hope you were smoking a lot before, so that it compensates 1:1...


    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    Did you able to have a picture of the modena sport manifolds? I am interested in it??? What kind of hp gain we can expect on the sport manifolds?

    I recently installed Tubi on my 360 spider and it really

    makes a huge difference in driver enjoyment. At idle it rumbles like a power boat and at high rpm it screams like a Ferrari should.

    They are definitely louder than stock.

    Regarding performance I do not believe there is a HP gain. HOWEVER, the Tubi is substantially lighter than the factory exhaust and there is a marginal performance enhancement.

    Re: I recently installed Tubi on my 360 spider and it really

    Hi Nberry,
    happy for you, sounds great!
    How do you cope with it when you want to take it easy?
    Is it F1 loud all the time?
    Or you can have a quiet conversation at low rpms with your passenger?

    Re: New 360 owner; recommendation for Tubi?

    RE: Tubi Sport Manifolds...
    The manifolds have two purposes:
    -increasing performance,
    -increasing reliability (if you know anything about the 355 manifold failure problem, you'll know this is a VERY common issue). If you track the car a lot and really thrash it - like Luigi does, then they are a very good idea.

    - On their own they will add a very small amount of horsepower:
    They work best and will deliver maximal power increase when the car is "prepared" - before you consider them you should already have AT LEAST a Tubi Silencer, Test Pipes/Hi-Flow cats, Sport Air Filters - with all these options you may gain ~40 hp in total... (from mid-range up only, with marginal torque loss at the bottom)......

    But that is just the beginning: The more the car is prepared, the more you will get from them and when I say prepare - I mean in the "competition" sense of the word - i.e tweaking the engine/ECU etc and you will get a proportionally larger increase in power from them.

    The funtion of the sport manifolds is to be part of a total performance "package" where the car is aggressively set up and you want the ultimate in exhaust flow collection with as low amount of backpressure as is necessary for the engine to operate 100% reliably and that's what they do...

    They are Thermally Insulated for 100% reliability during EXTREME use and actually accelerate exhaust flow through the piping. On the F50, the Tubi Manifolds are actually double-walled for maximum reliability.

    Here's a picture of them on F355:

    Excellent question. With the top down one needs to speak

    at a higher volume. When I first installed the Tubi my wife complained it was too loud. With the passage of time you get use to it similar to listening to the waves roll on to a beach

    The trade off is worth the small inconvenience.



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