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    GT3 RS

    What a weekend I had...
    After having shared with Luigi the emotion of 2 laps with the Enzo in Monza on Sunday , I had the confirmation from my dealer on Saturday that a GT3 RS "street version" will be produced!! : Dario 996TT was right!!!
    Very little tech information for the time being....but the GT3 RS should be produced in limited number by September this year. The car should be externally almost identical to the car racing in the endurance races
    It should develop 390hp (the dealer also mentioned a 450hp kit available ).
    BBS with 9"x18" front and 11"x18" with 315mm tyres on the back.
    Sorry but this is all I have got from my dealer but he will let me know ASAP any more infos coming from Porsche AG
    BTW, he said he will order it even before sell it is going to be BIG!!

    I will keep you posted.

    Re: GT3 RS

    Guys in the week end i was near Genova with my friend of CS motorsport,and he said that the new GT3 RS will be available in only two colours white and another and there is the decal under the door with the writes Carrera RS,there is also maybe a surprise for the wing

    p.s.Andrea....any decision for the exhaust,i'm interested...we can order two or three with Max's brother??

    Re: GT3 RS

    wow... this rumour seems to become a reality

    this is the greatest news from porsche i've heard since... erm... i don't know, but it was way before the cayenne era

    a white N/A porsche with "Carrera RS" written on the side and a special rear wing? oh boy...

    i can't deny that i'm quite excited

    Re: GT3 RS

    This is amazing news, a worthy successor for the legendary Carrera RS 2.7

    Re: it will...

    ...probably get white dials

    Re: it will...

    I hope so,
    This is the sort of optionnal feature that the real men of taste go for!!!
    So, I would assume so.

    Re: GT3 RS

    wowowowow!... I'm gonna ask my dealer again about that! No. I'm gonna tell him! And put my name on the list!... pfuh... Should I, should I not?... huh...

    Hope to know more soon.

    Re: GT3 RS

    I still doubt the appearance of a GT3 RS street version (remember: ALL cars have to be available on the US market too ) but I'll let you guys surprise me.

    What I also strongly doubt is the 60 HP kit for it.
    However...I heard a rumor that Porsche plans a 415 HP kit for the new GT3.

    Re: why...

    In reply to:
    remember: ALL cars have to be available on the US market too

    why this?

    if i remeber it right, the pre-facelift 996 GT3 wasn't available in the US

    Re: it will...

    i just bought me a white paint marker and customized my dials to the tasty white trim!! i want to become an international man of style TOO!!

    doesn't it look great? [attach]

    Well, RC, I know that PCNA said all cars will be US Legal...

    but maybe they will say that we (USA) gets the normal GT3, so that qualifies, even if the GT3 RS is not US legal

    I wish I knew, so I could adjust my order...

    Re: it will...

    What car is that man?

    Re: GT3 RS

    What if that 415 hp special GT3 would be the Carrera 996 RS with a special wing?
    Possible no?
    That would be highly interesting!

    Re: it will...

    i just searched on the web for an ugly car cockpit with white dials, i think it was an opel (vauxhall) "astra opc"

    you like it?

    Re: GT3 RS

    RC Germany,
    I also think that +60hp could be too much but....who knows???
    I tend to believe that the engine could be available with the same power as of the GT Endurance cars, i.e. 420hp
    This looks more consistent with what you heard about the GT3 upgrade (415hp)

    I have to speak again with my dealer mid this week. I will ask him to chase more Porsche AG to give us more to talk about


    Re: it will...

    Of course I love it,
    I thought it was the new Gallardo interior,
    That's the beauty of white dials, you put them on a Renault Fuego and you have a real sports car,
    They are the ultimate "cool" option
    I mean, it's almost as "cool" as a white car, but not quite

    Re: why...

    In reply to:
    RC, why this?

    New Porsche policy (apparently after a long period of protests from US customers): all cars available from Porsche have to be available for the US market too. This sounds pretty reasonable to me but this policy also restricts certain "adventures" regarding special models for certain markets.

    Re: GT3 RS

    In reply to:
    I have to speak again with my dealer mid this week. I will ask him to chase more Porsche AG to give us more to talk about

    You'll be surprised to hear that dealers usually know last about new models. Sometimes dealers get preliminary infos or they're asked to ask around customers if there is ordering interest in a certain model but nothing precise.

    No doubt, there will be very likely a GT3 RS but I highly doubt that it will be a car with street approval. Maybe they just offer the body kit and call it "RS" but I strongly doubt that a GT3 RS street version would be much lighter than the regular GT3. Regarding the rumored 415 HP kit: I heard that this might be a 3.8 kit, indicating that this kit might be available as a factory order only. Retrofit should be possible but probably with high cost only.

    Speculation is easy, let's wait for the regular GT3 to come out and we might here more details about a possible RS version.

    Re: why...

    thanks for the info, i wasn't aware of this new policy. you are right -- it makes sense, as a US customer i would not be pleased if especially emotional models like the GT3 are not available to their most important market

    btw: the C4 coupé is not officially offered by PCNA...

    Re: why...

    This is ridiculous!!!
    Why would the C4 Coupe not be offered by PCNA.
    What if a client wants a C4 but doesn't like the Turbo look,

    zzboba is right... C4 for the US, only the C4 S. Strange.

    Re: zzboba is right...

    Through the end of last year PCNA sold just 20 C4 coupes. With so little demand I can understand why it is no longer available.

    2002 unit sales:
    C2 1837
    Targa 692
    C2Cab 3177
    C4 20
    C4Cab 1241
    C4S 1974
    Turbo 2318
    GT2 184
    Total 11443

    Re: zzboba is right...

    so, to drive a really exclusive car in the US you have to buy a c4... sometimes reality beats fiction by far...




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